Saturday, December 12, 2009

Show your site ( ) Review

This is a review of they are a free banner exchange system which lets you exchange banners with other webmasters.
We signed up a day before getting our rejection letter the letter is as follows:Unfortunately the ShowYourSite।com staff could not accept your application। (You applied with the website Possible reasons can be: * Inappropriate content। See our terms of services. * Language, we only allow sites in english. * Your site was unavailable, and we have not been able to review it. * Too many other banners. * No actual content on your site. * The website is under construction. Please apply again when you are done with the work. * Other reasons not stated here.

If you feel that this is a mistake, feel free to apply again. If you want a more spesific reason please reply to . Regards
The fact our site is compliant with all of the above this leads us to believe that the never looked at our site.
Our rating is 1 out of 5 we recommend you do not use this system.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Yahoo new hire promoting Google !!! ?????

Is Yahoo really stooping this low for people to hire. This guy uses Linked-in to announce his new job at yahoo! But uses the more trusty Gmail to get emails. lets be honest this screen shot is worth a thousand words take a look at this linked in profile update and thank god this guy uses Google he might never got the job with yahoo!
Also see my comment on his profile
James Dias
please make this go crazy here is this guys profile address