Saturday, May 28, 2011

I have a Social ITCH

Today’s blog post is all about People

While your surfing this weekend think social.

Why because your connections today lead to new opportunities and friendships tomorrow.

No one gets it right the first time and with the traffic exchange world growing (yes I Said Growing) the people that are out there talking about the business and helping the business are the ones that will be successful in the business. HINT They are the ones to get to know.

I firmly believe in a positive attitude. When I wake up and see that my career path is Playing on the internet. I get very excited.

Imagine that you don’t have to punch a clock and want to work longer hours. I’m what they call a small business owner. And I invest very heavily in to my Business.

This holds true to your website. The effort and skills you bring to the site are going to reflect the performance very quickly. And yes you can learn this stuff.

SO here is this weeks challenge Get socially connected with us and others and make steps to growing your business.

Also I reviewed two sites this weekend and am excited to share them with you all.

And that is my Traffic Exchange 2 cents!

James Dias


Still sick! so the post wonders a little but the point is to get connected!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011



so today I was looking through my Inbox and noticed a ton of e-mails from Lords of Traffic

and It kind of bothered me that this is deemed acceptable by the admin.

This is business I now but I have over 30 messages in 13 days and The list is just too long.

I love traffic exchanges but this is just too stinking much

I am A person not just a number, not just a user, and not just a mail hub for your spam

please treat me like you want to be treated and DON’T SPAM ME

***Update Im now officially blocked from the server! LOL NICE

I guess this means that I cant unsubscribe now! LOL

NOW! Im off to wreck something else

And that’s My Traffic exchange 2 cents

James Dias

HUMP DAY Blog post

Well its Wednesday here in my world. And I have finally gotten over my block. A lot of it is just scheduling what I need to do and I have also noticed when I get an early start I also seem to be more productive.
But enough about me

Lets talk about traffic exchanges and the fact we are Joining and reviewing them.

There is 3 major points we are hitting

Home page
is it strong simple detailed or templated. And yes we are reading them SPELLING never counts when it comes to me as I cant spell to save my LIFE.

Second is the members area

All im looking for inside is there stuff to do? is it cool ?

And last is SURF

This to me is the most important as this is where I am other members spend the most time is surfing.
This is also there the over all grade can go up or down big time.

I did a couple so far and will be adding new ones all the time. ( And keep in mind this is just an opinion of a fellow surfer and a traffic exchange owner) I’m not a guru or one of the big guys.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents

James Dias

To see how the first 4 have done here is the links to them
Super traffic Highway

Splash Page Surfer 
Fast cash and traffic

Free Traffic Lotto  
Want a review for your traffic exchange let us KNOW

Monday, May 23, 2011

Super Traffic Highway - My traffic exchange review!

Hilbert Gavel Owner Admin

On the Home page the Truck is a great mascots One thing notices is the image for the page and the background don’t quite match it looks a little off but that is cosmetic

the sites home page is is basic and simple with some detail

In the members area the display for functions is straight for simple to use

The surf is good I love the signs ( Im a very big fan of the signs) the chat is not matching with the surf 100% but again cosmetic and maybe add a little color to the surfbars it feels a little unfinished in the surf area

This traffic exchange receives a YES recommendation and a grade of a B -

You can Join STH here:

And that is My traffic exchange 2 cents

James Dias

Thursday, May 19, 2011

XSKY is it Spam? or is it a real Tool?

Lets be Honest and professional
Can a tool designed to broadcast something Be taken seriously as a marketing tool or as an attempt to build the latest spam tool.

I ask that every one weigh in No one will be sued due to the fact that everything here is An opinion all proof introduced is only good for public opinion.

Lets keep it clean and professional but tell the world what is on your mind about this product called XSKY software.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents

James Dias

Monday, May 16, 2011

Back to the basics or back to school?

Today’s voice of reason comes from the amazing drive for ourselves to learn.

I registered at my local community collage today that’s right 32 years old and on my way back to school.

I took the first step I talked about it. The second step was to take action I did by registering.

So now the third step is to find classes that meet what I need, I’m looking for graphic design and some CSS but more than that I want to network with people like me and learn from them.

don’t get me wrong I’m available in Skype for people who share my interest. In fact I challenge other traffic exchange owners to connect with me. And I want to add that personal element where we can bounce ideas.

We all talk about connections. So why collage well I didn’t do it the first time. I love the traffic exchange industry and I want to add more to it and my goal is to bring more powerful people to the business.

An I going to be rich and famous from doing this NO probably not !

Am I going to add something and improve upon an existing idea YEP!

I want my daughter and brother ( the kids) to be proud of me. I think that’s the single most important factor for me.

So this weeks challenge is to get out of you comfort zone and do something to bring IT to the traffic exchange industry

And That is My traffic exchange 2 cents.

James Dias
Bring IT!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We have a Huge update this week

We are asking for your help we want to add new sites to the downline builder what we want is your sites or better yet the sites you want to see and the ones you use. This week we added Tezak Power surf.

This is where you get a referral in your downline but more than just a referral an active referral (ITS ME!)

We do surf and promote and some times upgrade so send us your referral Link and IT member id and we will join.
Skype me! With the INFO.

pretty simple huh!

The next part is we have added 3 new Social Networks But the 3 we added are geared to Traffic Exchanges and internet marketing Please welcome Imloop, Krave, and Imfaceplate all you need to do is add your user id info in the social box Imloop is in beta but should grow very quickly once Austin adds the finishing touches.

Now I am proud to bring you A game so addicting and so scandalous that we reward member for stealing!

That’s Right! Grab IT is here Look for the I’m IT Badge  next to members profile picture to grab it just click on the badge and its yours. The more you find the better as they are worth 0.50 tokens each time.

But there is always more……………………

A couple badges are out there collect them all if you can and keep collecting them as the top 3 “Grab IT Gurus” will be rewarded with cash. This cash prize will increase and decrease with surfing we are starting out with 1 dollar and this will increase with every time we break a surfing records.

This is a weekly prize for cash and you earn a half token every time you Grab IT
See the ranking here

IT just got better!

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents.

James Dias

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Today is mothers day

And for My beautiful wife I honor her as a wonderful mother of our amazing daughter.

But I also, her for being the lady that has stepped up to be a mother for my kid brother.

See in august of 2005 My mother “ Carla Jean” passes away at the age of 44. She had small cell lung cancer.

My brothers Matthew was 9 at the time and is now 15. My wife loves Matthew and yells at him and takes care of him like her own.

That to me is what mothers day is all about. While my wife is one amazing woman there are millions of other stories not unlike hers.

There are mothers fighting on the front lines in our military. And women that raise kids on there own with no support or help and never complain. And there are women that take on roles not because they have too but because they want to.

So this blog post is for moms all over the world and my beautiful wife of over 10 years.

Happy Mothers Day

and that’s my traffic exchange 2 cents.

James Dias

Ablaze For A Cure

was started to honor my mother when she passed away in 2005 at the age of 44 from cancer. My self and my 2 younger brothers built AFAC to help donate money and time to great cancer causes.

To follow us and this great cause follow this link

Friday, May 6, 2011

"Grab IT" The new Surf Game from IT (going Live Monday)

“Grab IT”
Is a new toy we bring to surfing!
Think of it as Tag but in reverse. When your IT every one is hunting your profile down.

Not just your profile, but others too as multiple members can be IT at the same time so when you see the I’M IT Tag Grab IT

And just by grabbing IT, you will be rewarded 0.50 tokens. ( aka credit) but there is MORE…..
Top three for the week get a little cash prize based how many times they are IT during the week.
We will have a page set up for that monday.

Oh yeah! IT is stepping up it’s game and adding a fun time with a twist on surfing.

Why did we do it?
Because you the members have spoken and told traffic exchange owners to make surfing more fun, and more rewarding

Well We are doing IT!

James Dias

This works for all members of IT this Monday its going to get a little more fun to surf IT.

Don’t read this… If you LOVE Sp@m

I thought it was super funny when I opened my mail box this morning and saw over a 100 emails from other traffic exchanges talking about Super surf this, and down line that, and cash here to do this.

I started laughing at a few of them cause when I read the email its all just the same crap.

Some exchanges have it to where the send me 2 of the same exact emails back to back. Like I’m not smart enough to see it in the first place.

Or when I deleted the first one it suddenly dawned on me “ holy spam batman! I should have read that one  WOW I am  super lucky this traffic exchange sent me two of them”

I hope you feel the sarcasm in that.
Cause we need to have humor in this business and the more I watch the more of the same I see. Imagine for a second every time you get in the car the same song is on. ( On every channel) but there is still county and rap and metal versions of the same song.

But I am done digressing for now cause

I have a surprise for everyone Monday Fingers Crossed the finishing touches of what I belive will be an addicting surfing past time. We are calling this fun new toy “Grab IT” and grab it is going to well you decide to learn more about grab it follow this link……..

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents.

James Dias

Monday, May 2, 2011

Whats In it for me......

I tried to write this blog post 2 times to day but I finally found a topic

Today I was watching the T3  and saw something I have never seen so clearly.
With out using exact examples. I see this is clearly a problem and its getting worse.

Everyone wants to know “what’s in it for me?” “what do I get out of it?”

This mentality is killing some small business and our industry is no different. The old cliché if you give someone an inch….. I think you get the point.

I love to win things I think every one does but think of this. What prize did Jon Olson win? When he is spending time in front of 75 people ranting ( Yes Jon is crazy at times) I don’t agree with him 100% of the time.

He makes more $ online then I do  (duhhhhh!.) When was the last time someone thanked him for his time. How many times has someone like Jon been burnt, and still keeps doing it. I'm just going to guess he is not everyones favorite person.

Trust me Jon sometimes is a blow hard ( oh boy! that is going to come back to bite me) BUT....

There is times when what he says is some of the best advice you could get and it was free on top of that.

And there is a lot of owners that try to give, it may be a free upgrade and hand full of credit’s, or a coffee cup.

But there is always going to be one person that doesn't think something is fair or they want more.

I do this business because I love it. And if I have something extra to give I try to. I donate to cancer with my profits and Jon Olson donated $50.00 to my cause not cause he needed to but because he thought it was the right thing to do.

So today
I thank you Jon Olson

Not just for donating the money to Ablaze for a cure. Not for giving stuff away. But more for standing up and being loud passionate and talking traffic exchange.

Next post will be back to the good stuff that’s more traffic exchange-ish.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents

James Dias