Friday, November 19, 2010

The Relationship game

Relationships are essential to any business. Traffic exchanges are no different. If you work hard at any relationship then you have the ability to succeed. But some times it is harder to earn the respect of the person or persons that you are working with. Maybe you haven’t been working in this business very long or your exchange is not all that big. Either way you are at some what of a disadvantage and you need to work hard to make up for the lack of members or what ever your short fall is. Work hard! It’s the only way to get to a good relationship.

so i thought i would mention a few good people here today to thank them.

I’m amazed at the professional touch that a couple of exchanges have showed me. Trista from and bob from

I start with Trista purely because I have watched her site for almost 2 years. One of the major things I have seen, is the site is in the powerful pages of google and people like my self have stumbled across this site only to see some great traffic exchanges listed on her top list. you can see the years of work involved. Trista is just what the traffic exchange industry needs. She is interactive, smart and has a solid understanding of the traffic exchange industry and the relationship game.

Thank you Trista and for all the help and support

Now to Bob

AKA "Just me Bob" This guy is the wild card I didn’t see coming. I received a skype not long ago with “hey James this isn’t spelled right” or 5 minuets later a “your banner is broke”
I cant stand making mistakes but what is much worse than that is not catching them. Bob did just that. But then when launched I had the inside scoop. I was going to rack up the referrals and then bob showed up. This guy hit one for one with me in the referral contest at pre launch.

Keep in mind we only started talking on the 6th of November Keep a good eye on Bob and he has some cool things heading this way.

I have had some great members and have built a few good relationships over the last 2 years. People like Sal From Fans Gifts and Raymond Benson. Hundreds more.

Thank you all for all the help and support and thank you for teaching me about relationships here on the net.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents!

James D

Monday, November 15, 2010

What’s wrong with traffic exchanges today?

What’s wrong with traffic exchanges today?

This is an honest question from a traffic exchange owner ( that’s me) but I need to say that some sites that don’t have a big name are getting stronger because people like you and I want more…..

It seems like the amount of work the is put in to a good traffic exchange is getting less and less.
Why is this?

Some of the answers may surprise you. I can hear webmasters and traffic exchange owners all the time talking about how it is hard to make money using a traffic exchange. Well yes this is true. But think of this. Look at what you offer, and look at what a competitor offers, then look at a successful website like

You are not going to learn to be a successful selling machine by just watching the industry your working in. That’s the problem everyone is copying each others ideas and placing a small spin on and calling it “New” or “fresh”.

This weeks advice step out side the box and compare the box with other bigger boxes. We can learn from others mistakes. But if you learn from there successes then we grow.

A good friend of mine Richard Parker keeps saying this to me “ a rising tide, lifts all ships” If your willing to spend a few hours a day growing than you are lifting all the other ships in your industry.

Do something ! And get your head in the game.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents.

James D

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Its About stinking time

Ok let me elaborate just a bit, Auto Surf site have been kind of quiet in the last few years.

And now I say "Its about stinking time" that an auto surf site went one 1:1 but they do it with no upgrades.

I’m talking about Hartzheim

This is an auto surf that knows what surfers want. I have seen some surf sites with 5+ upgrades and some with 2 or so but never have I seen NONE.

I think this Auto Surf traffic exchange knows something that we all forgot. Its All About traffic.

But as they are getting ready to launch on the 15 of November. I have learned that Auto Surf is alive and well.

This site is completely being promoted in Auto Surf with a few Manual sites sprinkled in.

But here is the amazing part 2 sites are standing out and both are auto and manual hybrid sites ablaze and alone wolf both have over 10 referrals. I Know auto surf is alive and well in auto sites are the top Dogs in a referral contest.

Autosurf is alive and well it just needed a Big Kick in the Ass. I believe Hartzheim will do just that.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents

James D