Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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James Dias

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Invest in the fUtUre - ( U is in caps) meaning you!!!!

I am a huge fan of Social hit exchanges. ( I just had to say that)

This business makes waves everyday! Whether it’s a new found partnership or reading the latest back a forth.

Im not the sharpest knife in the drawer. With that said………

Why is it that building YOUR business is the hardest concept for so many people online ?

I understand that spending money on something that has not made you rich is hard to budget for.

If you knew you had a chance to make 5 dollars for every 4 you spent would you?

I know I do it every day.

What if you had to spend 1,000 on a new feature to be programmed and you just knew you could make 1,001 off it in 6 months would you do it?

This is the crazy part most said yes to the first one and I probably lost 80% ON THE SECOND ONE

but what most don’t think about is in 12 months I should earn another 1001 ++ its not guaranteed But if I earned that much in 6 month how much more will I earn in a year or 2 or 5 years.

Your business is an investment of time, energy, effort, focus, and money too to miss any of them it so short yourself.

You don’t have to own a traffic exchange or an ebook to do good in this business it takes hard work effort and a little practical business sense

Invest in yourself spend $10 dollars today and try to make $11 from it. If you do, your going to invest 11 the next day LOL

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents!

James Dias

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Is this Spam?

The Spam Is In the List (is what i was going to call this post )

You may hear it a different way from time to time. Like the money is in the list.

I think people view this wrong recently James Holms bought boot scootin traffic

I am a member and will continue to be so, but it was strange when Sunny Suggs the old owner sent me an e-mail from a foreign address.

See sunny kept the list and just assumes that since we signed up for bootscootin and she owned bootscootin then we are hers.

Now My take on this is, “This is wrong for 2 major reasons:”

1st the members did not optin to Sunny but to boot scootin so the emails sent are unwanted and SPAM.

2nd James Holmes bought an site that will now be hit double by emails making his purchase less affective.

At the very minimum Sunny should have sent out an email with James permission and ASKED people to opt-in for a second time as bootscootin was being sold and with it the ability to send email to a list she no longer owned.

I hate feeling like a number on a list I truly do but this is internet marketing 101 and it’s a gross display of how impersonal it can truly be.

And To Sunny Suggs former owner of boot scootin remove me I didn’t sign up to you I signed up to bootscootin.

So I ask you all to let me know what you think Is this SPAM or not?

And That is my traffic exchange 2 cents!

James Dias