Thursday, June 3, 2010

What is in a Referral Contest.

What is in a referral Contest.

Well the main element is to get more members to a given site. The idea is simple offer a real price for people to get there friends and family to Join. And the power is in the numbers reciving the prize for there hard work.

Lets face it it takes a lot of work to keep things flowing at a website. It takes money time and great Ideas. But id no one is doing any thing on your website then chances are that your site is going to die.

One of the fastest ways to get members motivated is Cash yep! that’s right money.

Do you go to work for free. Not normally. Well members need to be rewarded too and that’s where a referral contest comes in handy

to see a good contest going on for the month of JUNE click the link below

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I don't belive in SEO experts, but Santa Clause and the tooth farie are real

Have you ever wondered why some sites do so well when they never deserve it.

There is no secret that it takes a lot of hard work to get you website listed in the top pages of all the major search engines. The work you do today may not get seen for months. And at the end of the day it feels like you never got to that next level.

Stop hitting your computer.

The sad truth is that most website will never make it to a second year of being open.

And your going to see them change for the not so good while they try to achieve greatness. The trick is to do something right and do it well. I am by no means the biggest Traffic exchange on the net. The fact that the members that surf ablaze tell me I have a good product. And that it works.

And most so called experts will tell you that if you don’t spell things correctly or the content is thrown together then it counts against you. I don’t think there is too many experts out there. You know real people able to make a website great by turning the right knob and logging in the right site at the right time. A keyword places in just the right spot with just the right back links.

If he or she really is out there, then how come they didn’t start a site today to show off there new found skills.
Why is there SEO sales site ranked under mine and what do I get for 19.95 mer month other than a lighter wallet.

Friends don’t fall victim to this classic scam Everyone I know is a SEO expert. And none of them are any good at it. Start building a website for people and not for search engines I have never sold a single thing to google or yahoo yet. They are too big and don’t need a sales pitch but they do want to offer a great website to there users so build that and see what happens.

James D