Friday, December 31, 2010

how do I get more hits and more traffic to my site with less work?

From time to time I get asked a very important question

that question: how do I get more hits and more traffic to my site with less work?

Oh man that is an easy answer but it takes some good old fashioned work to achieve good results.

Build your down line ( I told you the answer is easy)

but the work involved is a little more than just dropping in a link to a traffic exchange or a safe list people need to know it works.

A good High converting downline builder is worth its weight in gold if used and used often. Think of this you have A site that will carry your referral links in it but it it self will help you convert more than just one page. The goal of a good downline builder is to make a single place to obtain multiple referrals to multiple programs

I am going to give you the gold nugget that I use to promote my top traffic exchanges. its called
Grow Downline

there is 11 sites pre loaded in this system that have an amazing conversion rate almost all the site pay a commission. which is always good for adding the extra income stream. But more than that there is thousands of active members surfing every day (Yes thousands)

Some of the sites have over 200 people surfing right now! And there is 11 of them.

So do yourself a favor promote one link and get 11 referrals at a time to quality sites

Check them out right here Grow Downline

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents !

James Dias
Http:// Our Traffic Exchange Our Traffic exchange sorftware Our Network to connect traffic exchanges

Monday, December 20, 2010

Free Traffic Exchange Software advice

I just read an older blog post buy a fellow traffic exchange owner. Ironically on topic as we Just launched our traffic exchange software today.

Let me give you some back ground real fast.

In October 2004 launched on a PHP script. Very basic with very basic functions much like a free script would be. And the site slowed a lot as I tried to grow the membership. Till a point when it would take me up to 3 to 5 minuets to log in.

so my web host ( also a sales person for Traffic DX) talked me in to upgrading to DX

And the site got faster immediately but for a couple of months. Now keep in mind that I was trying to grow the websites membership and surfers. To make a long story very short

I moved to VS-TrEx and changed hosting at the same time. And here is the reasons I did.

#1 took my hard earned money for the server space I used then Asked me to pay for half of the upgraded memory for the server $200.00 was half.

#2 I submitted a support ticket to traffic DX in 2008 that still to this day has yet to be answered.

#3 I was being told that if I didn’t slow down how much room I was using that the host was going to hold me liable for the server if it caught fire???

I left Traffic DX and web traffic promotions with my almost 3500 members in march of 2010 and had 20 to 25 people surfing.

Since being on the new Traffic exchange Software Ablaze With Traffic is now over 13,000 members all time and hit’s the 100 people surfing mark from time to time.

Ablaze Is the #1 trex site and has only been here for 10 months and I have yet to be told that I am running warm on the server.

But the story cant stop there. At this time I am very excited to anounce that has launched its Own Software site called it is the first launched TrEx resale site and now gives Me the power to show people. There is a better way. is managed By James Dias from Ablaze with traffic and all sites are Installed by Rich Parker, the creator and developer of the TrEx script but with a Kick.

We help launch and maintain growth of every traffic exchange under the ADOneSource Name. with advertising and building our own downlines in the ad OneSource network.

If your ready for a Real Upgrade talk to us any time I am available on
Skype: Ablazewithtraffic almost all the time.

Or just email me admin at

Don’t get caught with no support. Like I did.

Here is a banner I built that other owners of the script loved

And that is My Traffic exchange 2 cents!

James Dias

Monday, December 6, 2010

Variable Surf is being released early to all TrEx sites

We are releasing Xsurf to everyone of the traffic exchange owners of a trex script or ad OneSource.

Norm Duffy and James Dias along with the amazing Rich Parker built a new way to manual surf. Launched by James and Norm just a couple months back the demand is overwhelming.

Much like manual surfing you still need to click to go to the next site But that’s where it pretty much ends.

See the concept is called variable surf meaning you need a variable or two inside the surf one is the countdown timer and the second is the credits earned. You don’t have to stay on the site any longer than a standard manual surf. You can click on to the next site if the one you are on does not hold your interest.

But if you like it you will not be penalized if you stay on the site longer In fact you will earn more up to the MAX ( again this to can change from traffic exchange to traffic exchange.)

so go ahead try out the new surfs and show off your site this is going to keep changing the way you surf.

To take it for a test drive at Ablaze Click here

What started with 2 is now 22+ sites will use and enjoy the brand new Variable Surf concept on their sites.

This is big since this is the biggest improvement to Manual surfing since it was invented. But there is more to come from the system of ad and VS-trex.

This again would not have been possible with out norm Duffy and My self brain storming what the traffic exchange industry is missing and than having a genius Like Mr. Rich Parker to make out plan become a reality and to make it work too.

Thank you Rich Parker and Norm Duffy

If you are interested in owning the most amazing traffic exchange Script on the internet today then Join up with me and TrEx and ablaze with traffic will add 1,000,000 credits to all new owners accounts that buy using our referral link. This way you get started with a huge boost from the number 1 TrEx site Online

Join TrEx Today and mention Xsurf when your getting your site installed so that you can be awarded 1,000,000 ablaze with traffic credits.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents

James Dias

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Relationship game

Relationships are essential to any business. Traffic exchanges are no different. If you work hard at any relationship then you have the ability to succeed. But some times it is harder to earn the respect of the person or persons that you are working with. Maybe you haven’t been working in this business very long or your exchange is not all that big. Either way you are at some what of a disadvantage and you need to work hard to make up for the lack of members or what ever your short fall is. Work hard! It’s the only way to get to a good relationship.

so i thought i would mention a few good people here today to thank them.

I’m amazed at the professional touch that a couple of exchanges have showed me. Trista from and bob from

I start with Trista purely because I have watched her site for almost 2 years. One of the major things I have seen, is the site is in the powerful pages of google and people like my self have stumbled across this site only to see some great traffic exchanges listed on her top list. you can see the years of work involved. Trista is just what the traffic exchange industry needs. She is interactive, smart and has a solid understanding of the traffic exchange industry and the relationship game.

Thank you Trista and for all the help and support

Now to Bob

AKA "Just me Bob" This guy is the wild card I didn’t see coming. I received a skype not long ago with “hey James this isn’t spelled right” or 5 minuets later a “your banner is broke”
I cant stand making mistakes but what is much worse than that is not catching them. Bob did just that. But then when launched I had the inside scoop. I was going to rack up the referrals and then bob showed up. This guy hit one for one with me in the referral contest at pre launch.

Keep in mind we only started talking on the 6th of November Keep a good eye on Bob and he has some cool things heading this way.

I have had some great members and have built a few good relationships over the last 2 years. People like Sal From Fans Gifts and Raymond Benson. Hundreds more.

Thank you all for all the help and support and thank you for teaching me about relationships here on the net.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents!

James D

Monday, November 15, 2010

What’s wrong with traffic exchanges today?

What’s wrong with traffic exchanges today?

This is an honest question from a traffic exchange owner ( that’s me) but I need to say that some sites that don’t have a big name are getting stronger because people like you and I want more…..

It seems like the amount of work the is put in to a good traffic exchange is getting less and less.
Why is this?

Some of the answers may surprise you. I can hear webmasters and traffic exchange owners all the time talking about how it is hard to make money using a traffic exchange. Well yes this is true. But think of this. Look at what you offer, and look at what a competitor offers, then look at a successful website like

You are not going to learn to be a successful selling machine by just watching the industry your working in. That’s the problem everyone is copying each others ideas and placing a small spin on and calling it “New” or “fresh”.

This weeks advice step out side the box and compare the box with other bigger boxes. We can learn from others mistakes. But if you learn from there successes then we grow.

A good friend of mine Richard Parker keeps saying this to me “ a rising tide, lifts all ships” If your willing to spend a few hours a day growing than you are lifting all the other ships in your industry.

Do something ! And get your head in the game.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents.

James D

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Its About stinking time

Ok let me elaborate just a bit, Auto Surf site have been kind of quiet in the last few years.

And now I say "Its about stinking time" that an auto surf site went one 1:1 but they do it with no upgrades.

I’m talking about Hartzheim

This is an auto surf that knows what surfers want. I have seen some surf sites with 5+ upgrades and some with 2 or so but never have I seen NONE.

I think this Auto Surf traffic exchange knows something that we all forgot. Its All About traffic.

But as they are getting ready to launch on the 15 of November. I have learned that Auto Surf is alive and well.

This site is completely being promoted in Auto Surf with a few Manual sites sprinkled in.

But here is the amazing part 2 sites are standing out and both are auto and manual hybrid sites ablaze and alone wolf both have over 10 referrals. I Know auto surf is alive and well in auto sites are the top Dogs in a referral contest.

Autosurf is alive and well it just needed a Big Kick in the Ass. I believe Hartzheim will do just that.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents

James D

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What is XSURF?.......

I getting the same question over and over what is Xsurf?

That question will be fully answered on Monday October 18, 2010.

But here is a little taste.

Imagine having the control when your surfing.
Imagine earning more when viewing interesting offers or pages.
Imagine having the time to join an interesting list of site and earning from it.
Imagine the Power of surfing based of how good an offer is.Imagine more signups to great offers. Imagine The most powerful surf online today where the ads are the main focus.

Xsurf is that and more. Get more out of surfing and join the neXt generation of surfing.

But I will have so much more on Monday for all to know what is going to hit ablaze!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ablaze wants to start a revolution in traffic exchanges

Ablaze wants to start a revolution in traffic exchanges

So how do you do just that? Well I have heard that if you want to be a success in the traffic exchange world you need to bring something new to the table.

OK something new….

I got it ….

Something that will take the manual traffic exchange world to the next level ……

I will call it Ablaze X

When I say vacuums what names come to mind Hoover, Eureka, Bissell, & Dirt Devil.? Right?How about Dyson?

They haven’t been around in the vacuum world that long but they sell a ton of them things everyday and there not the best price ( In fact they might me the most expensive and might just be the ugliest things out there) but people buy them cause they fixed things that are wrong or just are Awkward or just plain work better.

Well in manual traffic exchanges there is some major flaws in the way they promote a product. Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of all traffic exchanges as a whole.

But Ablaze has fixed some major flaws that will have an immediate impact on the way and how people promote products in the manual traffic exchange world. That X factor is what will make it work better.

At first look our surf will look like all the others but it will have that X factor.

We wanted to fix what is fundamentally broken and improve Sign ups, Branding, and sales.

I know you will be so happy with this brand new product from a traffic exchange that has been around since 2004 and has had over 12,000 members walk through the doors and members. Half that is from the last 6 months. Ablaze is growing and making its own waves in the surf world.

A Game Changer ? No! but we are changing HOW the Game is played.

The New Ablaze With Traffic - Where internet marketing meets free and targeted.

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's time to get back to work ONLINE

This is the time when more surfers are coming back on line the Kids are back in school and there is a more time to try more online. So there is a lot more opportunity to show off your ads and pages.

But remember there is some basic guidelines for getting people interested in your site and products.

Stand out , build your down line, build a good solid list, and keep branding your product.

The whole idea is to get seen but look at your products and offers are they appealing to you as well. Make sure you look at it as a potential customer. This way you are seeing what they see.
There is a million sites out there why should some one use yours? What do you offer that’s better?

I know there is thousands of traffic exchanges out there but people still surf Ablaze With Traffic.
Why? well we work harder and it shows........

You can spend millions on ads and publicity but if your product and customer service is bad, you will fall flat.

Thanks for viewing my Blog this week and we will have another post for you next week Same Ablaze Time Same Ablaze Channel

And dont forget to surf Ablaze today its free

Monday, August 30, 2010

We Did It!! Over 500,000 hits to members pages in one day

We Did It!! Over 500,000 hits to members pages in one day

Total hits to member pages 8/30/2010 502,790

I cant tell you how happy I am but lets just say I am stoked

I always knew ablaze had the potential to be a large traffic exchange.

When I bought this traffic exchange a little over 2 years ago it was Small and the php script that it was on was worthless the more I tried to push the site the more it slowed down. Then I was told if I upgraded to traffic DX then it would all be good.

That was no wear close to the truth In fact I was crashing every other day.

Then I spoke with a programer His name Rich Parker from Varisearch.

I spoke with him and didn’t want to spend no more money after shelling out almost 500 for the first 2 scripts.

Rich made Only One promise to me he said if I need more room to grow he will make sure I have the room.

In March 2010 changed over to Rich Parkers system with less than 3500 Life time members since 2004 and almost 120 active members per month.

Now 5 months later ablaze has 11889 all time members and 130 are active daily.
And the reason for this huge change is learning and having the right system in place.
VS- trex gives me that system and it is so customizable. Ablaze don’t look much like a Rich Parker script but trust me it is and I am proud to be a part of it.

For more information on becoming a traffic exchange owner and beyond
click here

If you want more traffic Join the largest traffic exchange in the VS-TrEx family

Traffic Exchange Internet Marketing 101 or 2.0 or something like that.

Real traffic to your website is this a myth? I don’t think so. But if you follow everyone’s advice out there you head will spin off and then what are you going to do?

Some Manual Traffic exchange marketing “gurus” tell us to build your list and brand yourself.

Some Massive Auto Surf Traffic exchanges tell you to build a down line.

Splash Pages, Squeeze Pages, e-mail, banners, Text ads. Man this just too much to think about.

But is it …..

Lets break it down from top to bottom.

You Have a website and Time you sell or give away something so you have the basics.

Your website needs to have:
looks, functionality, content, and a purpose This is one of the hardest things to do and seems to be a never ending task but in reality this first step is the most important.

Marketing materials:

3 or 4 banners
With many different sizes. And looks and messages this will help you to test what works better. Delete the lowest performing banner and build a new one then follow the results of that one.

3-4 text ads
Again change the message each time to test them. The one with the higher click through ratio is a keeper.
Delete the lowest performing Text ad and build a new one then follow the results of that one.

3-4 splash pages
This is a simple designed page that plants the seeds and grabs interest. Splash pages are also great to use for adsence campaigns. Make sure your designs stand out there is nothing wrong with basic but you want to leave an impression. Delete the lowest performing splash and build a new one. then follow the results of that one.

1-2+ new links
Every day you need to ad at least one new link you your website from a website like yours If it’s a traffic exchange the find a traffic exchange that will link to your site.

Build your down line
Every day you need to have a goal of earning one more referral to your top systems. This not only takes off some of your workload but it also builds up your top systems you do use and in most traffic exchanges you will receive benefits from your referrals surfing in the form of credits.

If you follow this advice I can asure you you will have built:
3-4 very high converting Banners
3-4 very high converting Text Ads
3-4 very high converting Splash Pages
365+ links to your website
365 referrals in your down line.

If you have done this you website is so much more powerfull and is starting to recive pagerank and alexa rank not to mention it is starting to receive a steady stream of visitors every minuet of the day.

Happy surfing,

James D

Monday, August 23, 2010

Connect The Dots

If your business is based in part or in whole to a website. The goal is to correctly and legitimately connect with other people in your field.

We call this connecting the dots also known as link building. Why is link building so important?

The answer is so simple.
Links connect you to the masses, much like roads connect a business.
If your business in on a dirt road in the middle of no-where-ville your probably not going to get too many shoppers. The same holds true to when your getting your brand on the internet remember we called this the (Information super highway) for a long time. But if there is no exits and roads leading to your website people will just pass you by.

The business that succeed online start with a good infrastructure. One exit from the super high way is not nearly enough. But is better than no exits at all.

Make a plan and don’t cheat at all no matter how tempting it may be. Google, bing and others are like free ways on the internet. Imagine having 5,000,000 roads leading to your little shop could you sell a few products by default? The answer is yes!!

So how can you make 5,000,000 roads lead to your website? Connect the dots and build one road at a time. Find forums or Blogs Just like yours. And read the blog you may just learn something. Then post a comment to it with your website as a link to your name (most Blogs Allow this) you just created one road to you Website.

Alot of people see ads for a company selling links. Search engines see this as bad neighborhoods AKA "the ghetto" so why would you place you business in the in the bad areas of town or on the internet? The answer is you wouldn’t.

so to be safe here is a solid suggestion. Find larger more powerful sites that are like yours and build a road from it to your business. If people like what you do, then they will also add roads to you site.

James At Ablaze

Ablaze with traffic loves to hand out cool tips and hot info. Its always free and who knows you may just do it right!
For more information go to and become a free member.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Do You Surf Traffic Exchanges?

I have asked myself this question for the last 2 years (ever since I bought Ablaze With Traffic). The answer I keep returning to can be broke down to 3 parts.

Part #1 Exposure -

There are hundreds of thousands of surfers out there. Tens of thousands are Surfing Right now and you can display your message to them with no monetary cost to you. I know Time cost money but I mean not using cash. If done right you can deliver your message in the form of Image, text , and video to thousands each day.

There is a second side to the exposure side of the coin. You will see how others are working to get seen. There ads there ideas there marketing efforts. I learn something from my members everyday. They are working day in and day out to show there ads to us. And it shows.

Part #2 Dollars and Sense-

I have heard “time is money” all my life and if you have more time than money than Traffic exchanges are just right for you. I have bought ads with places Like Google and Yahoo and found I was wasting my both time and money because I didn’t do any research before I added money to a campaign that was due to flop. Understanding who you are delivering to you message to is every bit as important as what your message is. Testing how a banner ad converts with a traffic exchange is smart use of extra time when you find out how that banner can be changed to perform better gives you a better performing marketing tool that you may be paying to deliver latter. Just think of it this way if you have a chance to test out 2 or 3 ads and one performs way better in traffic exchanges, you would probably use that one in a paid marketing world like googles system.

Part #3 Building Blocks

As may Marketers Online today will tell you. Build your list and Brand yourself. I not going to tell you to sell your self in traffic exchanges 10 seconds or so at a time. But people will see your picture and you logo over and over and over on many different traffic exchanges this is Branding OR Top of the mind advertising you know what the Pepsi logo looks like right? that’s it Brand you and you business. And traffic exchanges are Perfect for it burn the logo image in peoples heads this is Branding. Now if your seen enough they may want more information or maybe the have seen something you have done and they want to follow you. Ask them to Join your newsletter, or your face book profile, or on twitter. That is building a LIST and yes it is kind of easy. you just need to stick with it.

Don’t worry not too many people have over night success there is no map just basic ideas on how to do it and do it well.

I also wrote an cool list of things for Traffic exchange owners

The Ten Traffic Exchange Commandments


Manual, auto, hover, PTC, Etc. You wouldn’t dump all your money into bank stock would you?
To diversify is the only way to go. There is hover surfs out there that can be every bit as big as some of the top manual traffic exchange sites and same goes for autosurfs. Its just knowing how to leverage each one. Saying no to one kind of surf is like telling hundreds of potential customers to go away we dont like you. There are some traffic exchanges out there that do this.


No one knows how to do it all. Some are great splash page makers. Some are great at emailing. Others are great at building credits up in traffic exchanges. Even the people giving classes and talking about the traffic exchange industry learn everyday. No one knows it all. And the best of the best will always say they ARE learning every day.


Large traffic exchanges are great for getting lots of hits and lots of unique hits, we all know this. But small Traffic exchanges are Great for getting new members and signups. Sign up for them all, and see what works best for you.


If you woke up this morning and said “I’m going to be number one” well that’s half of it. You talked about it. Now what’s your PLAN to become #1, and #1 in what? My goal is to have one new member surf my site everyday, and like it enough to use it weekly.


I may be a little off base but, when you email someone you need to have something to offer them. I hope it is great information or some extra credits or maybe a new site they haven’t seen yet, but offer them something.

Please don’t send me a email saying you don’t have anything this time see you next time. that’s is a waste of everyone’s time


Make a list of chores you want to get done today. Then work on them one at a time, allow some time for all of them. If you don’t have enough time to finish one or more, give them time tomorrow and work on it every day till its done. That idea you had you liked enough to try out. Don’t give up on any idea ever. It’s the one you give up on that your competitors bring to market first and makes some good money off of.


Its time to walk down the isle of bliss and good times and bad when planning on being a traffic exchange owner make sure you know there is a lot of work to keep your marriage happy and know there will be ups and downs and money maybe tight at times, so budget. Its not a hard one, your traffic exchange will stay loyal to you if you spend some time everyday with it.


Members of your traffic exchange are going to help you more than the fellow traffic exchange owner trading accounts with you. Your members buy things from you and all they ask in return is that you listen to their complaints. They make your traffic exchange better. Members make the traffic exchange go around without them you have a website not an exchange.

#9 B & B

Build your brand, your image, and your list. Why do you have e-mail, Skype, Facebook, Blogger, Myspace, and Youtube if your not going to use it. B & B can mean Build and Brand or Build and Break. As long as your doing something you are ahead of the curve.


This should have been #1 If you don’t have: new members, time, or the drive. Sell it trade But don’t let it die. Too many webmasters in the business just walk away. WHY???? when a member comes back after a few months or a year to find the traffic exchange they likes and spent money with is close up and gone that turns them off all together. As a legitimate Traffic Exchange Owner you need to hold you self to a higher standard to help make the Image of traffic exchange shine don’t tarnish it by walking away.

There are many people looking for a simi or fully developed Traffic Exchange For Sale Including myself

If you want to work a deal to sell your traffic exchange to us
email me at Sales at

James D

Set your website Ablaze today.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Can I get traffic exchange traffic and have Google AdSense?

So many People ask the Same question Can I get traffic exchange traffic and have Google AdSense

The Answer May Surprise you. YES but only if it is done right. #1 don’t send your AdSense Embedded to a traffic exchange.

Step One Build a Splash Page, ok let me rephrase that Build the most Amazing Splash Page Of all time. And host it on a website completely separate form you AdSense Site. Your Goal Is to get the User to Love the Splash Page and Click through to your Money making Site.

The Funny part is this will take you thousands of visitors to make a few cents. But the traffic exchanges your using most will pay you more than a couple of dollars to get referrals. I personally earn more money than I ever did with ad sense.

I loved AdSense I made a $100 dollar check ever month and a half or more but with a traffic exchange or two I do that in two to three weeks.

I don’t want to convert you at all. Keep making Google money and you can reap the couple of dollars here and there. Its fun to do in your spare time. And if you make a few dollars from it than in vest it in a site that will make you more money. You cant afford the 32 million dollar home with Google AdSense but if you keep building and learning and reinvesting anything is possible.

IS Google paying you enough do the Math Take your Hourly rate at your “J.O.B.” lets use 10 Per Hour as an easy number this means your free time is worth $5 dollars an Hour is Google paying you 5 dollars per hour NO! what do you mean no then you might want to look to other ways to add Money to that POT.
Now its not a website its an ad site and people will run.

Go back to the basics spend One hour per day developing your website and making it more fun for the people visiting it. Then more visitors will come and then your money is starting to come naturally. This is hard for people to understand it takes work to make a few dollars online. Some times more than offline due to the Super high level of competing sites on line as opposed to the real world where geographic limitations are real. You are not going to drive 2,000 miles to get your oil changed for a dollar but on line 2,000 miles is just a click away.

Keep it Simple and smart if you think it is a grey area for AdSense then Use a splash page and stay on Google’s good side. But if you want to make more find your own advertisers for your site you build. You can always ad Your AdSense account info later if you don’t land a big fish this month.

Have Fun And Try New Things

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What is in a Referral Contest.

What is in a referral Contest.

Well the main element is to get more members to a given site. The idea is simple offer a real price for people to get there friends and family to Join. And the power is in the numbers reciving the prize for there hard work.

Lets face it it takes a lot of work to keep things flowing at a website. It takes money time and great Ideas. But id no one is doing any thing on your website then chances are that your site is going to die.

One of the fastest ways to get members motivated is Cash yep! that’s right money.

Do you go to work for free. Not normally. Well members need to be rewarded too and that’s where a referral contest comes in handy

to see a good contest going on for the month of JUNE click the link below

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I don't belive in SEO experts, but Santa Clause and the tooth farie are real

Have you ever wondered why some sites do so well when they never deserve it.

There is no secret that it takes a lot of hard work to get you website listed in the top pages of all the major search engines. The work you do today may not get seen for months. And at the end of the day it feels like you never got to that next level.

Stop hitting your computer.

The sad truth is that most website will never make it to a second year of being open.

And your going to see them change for the not so good while they try to achieve greatness. The trick is to do something right and do it well. I am by no means the biggest Traffic exchange on the net. The fact that the members that surf ablaze tell me I have a good product. And that it works.

And most so called experts will tell you that if you don’t spell things correctly or the content is thrown together then it counts against you. I don’t think there is too many experts out there. You know real people able to make a website great by turning the right knob and logging in the right site at the right time. A keyword places in just the right spot with just the right back links.

If he or she really is out there, then how come they didn’t start a site today to show off there new found skills.
Why is there SEO sales site ranked under mine and what do I get for 19.95 mer month other than a lighter wallet.

Friends don’t fall victim to this classic scam Everyone I know is a SEO expert. And none of them are any good at it. Start building a website for people and not for search engines I have never sold a single thing to google or yahoo yet. They are too big and don’t need a sales pitch but they do want to offer a great website to there users so build that and see what happens.

James D

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

top tricks to get top Alexa rank up

Ok yesterday I accepted a challenged from a fellow traffic exchange owner for lowering my Alexa rank.

It is a 50$ dollar prize. He knows I don’t have any tricks when it comes to this area. So rather than find some way to cheat or buy this Magic Rank from the Alexa gods I am going to try to do it the old fashion way………. Work for it.

So today when looking for ways to cheat the alexa rank….. LOL I found I have not updated this blog in a long time and again I want to do this the right way.

I have added the Alexa toolbar - Do I think its going to help? not much. but its fun to use.

While surfing word press. I commented on 3 sites that I found Interesting out of 50. I’m not spamming the boards but looking in the right places for other traffic exchanges to comment on and I sent an email to one of them hoping to work together.


Realizing that I am the worlds worst Social net worker. I have a plan to tell every one that will still listen to me about the challenge set by my self and the Other guy.

( on a totally related Note Kevin is going down like a Kick Stand)

Step 4

While trying to increase my alexa rank I got totally side tracked and started doing the thing I should have from day one. So weather or not I win ( I will) I think I learned a valuable lesson today.

Don’t try to cheat Alexa and do some good old fashion work. Your site will thank you and the traffic exchange industry needs more honest people like me. (lol)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Ablaze Directory is Live

Hello Ablaze With Traffic Members,

I am very excited to announce the launch of our Ablaze Directory. The good news you can add as many websites as you would like for the next week with no cost. This is a thank you from us to you.

You must login to your account in order to add a link to the directory and you don’t have to add a reciprocating link for a limited time.

In the next week there are going to be thousands of sites added so get your in now. And receive all the benefits of our marketing to your sites.

As always if you have questions e-mail

Thank you all again,

James M Dias

If you want to add a link for free

Friday, February 26, 2010

I cant surf

I cant surf

Ok a few members are not able to surf I got the fix for you.

You are able to log in normally
but when you hit the auto surf or manual surf
there is a pop up like the one here

The fix is easy till we find out how to fix this.

And after that you should have no problems surfing.

I will update when this is fixed

I know this is a pain in the butt and we think it is due to the new Cpannel installed not long ago

login now

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Siphon effect with TE traffic.

Siphon effect with TE traffic.
Ok I did not start this idea but wanted to plug it out there for you all to see.
The Siphon effect with traffic exchange traffic works like this:
lets say a major bulk of your traffic is from traffic exchanges like mine is. And you run real heavy with them for a period of 2 weeks or more (some times months) then you stop the use of traffic exchanges all together for a couple of days then Search Engines will feature your site more often for a short period of time to equal it out.
The Idea seem some what logical but there is a catch. I think it is the major change in your traffic flow.
I have not been able to confirm or deny this at all but I have tried it out a few times with a minimal measurable effect.
If you have tried this let me know what your results are
If there is some secret back door to getting in good with search engines I still have not found it but I will continue to try new ideas.