Monday, August 30, 2010

We Did It!! Over 500,000 hits to members pages in one day

We Did It!! Over 500,000 hits to members pages in one day

Total hits to member pages 8/30/2010 502,790

I cant tell you how happy I am but lets just say I am stoked

I always knew ablaze had the potential to be a large traffic exchange.

When I bought this traffic exchange a little over 2 years ago it was Small and the php script that it was on was worthless the more I tried to push the site the more it slowed down. Then I was told if I upgraded to traffic DX then it would all be good.

That was no wear close to the truth In fact I was crashing every other day.

Then I spoke with a programer His name Rich Parker from Varisearch.

I spoke with him and didn’t want to spend no more money after shelling out almost 500 for the first 2 scripts.

Rich made Only One promise to me he said if I need more room to grow he will make sure I have the room.

In March 2010 changed over to Rich Parkers system with less than 3500 Life time members since 2004 and almost 120 active members per month.

Now 5 months later ablaze has 11889 all time members and 130 are active daily.
And the reason for this huge change is learning and having the right system in place.
VS- trex gives me that system and it is so customizable. Ablaze don’t look much like a Rich Parker script but trust me it is and I am proud to be a part of it.

For more information on becoming a traffic exchange owner and beyond
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If you want more traffic Join the largest traffic exchange in the VS-TrEx family

Traffic Exchange Internet Marketing 101 or 2.0 or something like that.

Real traffic to your website is this a myth? I don’t think so. But if you follow everyone’s advice out there you head will spin off and then what are you going to do?

Some Manual Traffic exchange marketing “gurus” tell us to build your list and brand yourself.

Some Massive Auto Surf Traffic exchanges tell you to build a down line.

Splash Pages, Squeeze Pages, e-mail, banners, Text ads. Man this just too much to think about.

But is it …..

Lets break it down from top to bottom.

You Have a website and Time you sell or give away something so you have the basics.

Your website needs to have:
looks, functionality, content, and a purpose This is one of the hardest things to do and seems to be a never ending task but in reality this first step is the most important.

Marketing materials:

3 or 4 banners
With many different sizes. And looks and messages this will help you to test what works better. Delete the lowest performing banner and build a new one then follow the results of that one.

3-4 text ads
Again change the message each time to test them. The one with the higher click through ratio is a keeper.
Delete the lowest performing Text ad and build a new one then follow the results of that one.

3-4 splash pages
This is a simple designed page that plants the seeds and grabs interest. Splash pages are also great to use for adsence campaigns. Make sure your designs stand out there is nothing wrong with basic but you want to leave an impression. Delete the lowest performing splash and build a new one. then follow the results of that one.

1-2+ new links
Every day you need to ad at least one new link you your website from a website like yours If it’s a traffic exchange the find a traffic exchange that will link to your site.

Build your down line
Every day you need to have a goal of earning one more referral to your top systems. This not only takes off some of your workload but it also builds up your top systems you do use and in most traffic exchanges you will receive benefits from your referrals surfing in the form of credits.

If you follow this advice I can asure you you will have built:
3-4 very high converting Banners
3-4 very high converting Text Ads
3-4 very high converting Splash Pages
365+ links to your website
365 referrals in your down line.

If you have done this you website is so much more powerfull and is starting to recive pagerank and alexa rank not to mention it is starting to receive a steady stream of visitors every minuet of the day.

Happy surfing,

James D

Monday, August 23, 2010

Connect The Dots

If your business is based in part or in whole to a website. The goal is to correctly and legitimately connect with other people in your field.

We call this connecting the dots also known as link building. Why is link building so important?

The answer is so simple.
Links connect you to the masses, much like roads connect a business.
If your business in on a dirt road in the middle of no-where-ville your probably not going to get too many shoppers. The same holds true to when your getting your brand on the internet remember we called this the (Information super highway) for a long time. But if there is no exits and roads leading to your website people will just pass you by.

The business that succeed online start with a good infrastructure. One exit from the super high way is not nearly enough. But is better than no exits at all.

Make a plan and don’t cheat at all no matter how tempting it may be. Google, bing and others are like free ways on the internet. Imagine having 5,000,000 roads leading to your little shop could you sell a few products by default? The answer is yes!!

So how can you make 5,000,000 roads lead to your website? Connect the dots and build one road at a time. Find forums or Blogs Just like yours. And read the blog you may just learn something. Then post a comment to it with your website as a link to your name (most Blogs Allow this) you just created one road to you Website.

Alot of people see ads for a company selling links. Search engines see this as bad neighborhoods AKA "the ghetto" so why would you place you business in the in the bad areas of town or on the internet? The answer is you wouldn’t.

so to be safe here is a solid suggestion. Find larger more powerful sites that are like yours and build a road from it to your business. If people like what you do, then they will also add roads to you site.

James At Ablaze

Ablaze with traffic loves to hand out cool tips and hot info. Its always free and who knows you may just do it right!
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