Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ablaze with traffic VS Reach local

OK so yesterday I get a call form a local Auto dealer. I have a bid in with them to increase there used car sales. The phone call ends with the dealer telling me that reach locals rep said my product does not work.

Ha ha I know this is a tactic used by companies that do not have real products or have less than average understanding with there own products.

I admit I was very upset when I was on the phone listening to this as I am a new company.
So I called them trying to speak to a supervisor. They have they have something like 8 phone numbers on there website and on the 10th attempt over the course of 2 days I finaly spoke with some one in the Tech side and they said they would call me Back …….
So I started to wait……and wait………..and well we both know no one is calling me back.

But then I started thinking since there never going to call me back I will call them out to hundreds of dealers here in California. I issue a challenge to you all at reach local
Will you go head to head with to see if you are actually better than us.

And if so have a member of the upper management call me this Number (510) 830-7213or talk to your recruiter who called me earlier that morning to offer me a job with reach local. My name is James Dias I am the owner of

While this to remain light hearted in nature you should not talk down a product that you and your team know nothing about. Or accept the challenge and know that ablaze with traffic can do everything reach local can do plus more and for less than half the price.

If reach local has visited your Bay Area auto dealership ask them to accept the challenge from for your dealer today

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