Wednesday, May 19, 2010

top tricks to get top Alexa rank up

Ok yesterday I accepted a challenged from a fellow traffic exchange owner for lowering my Alexa rank.

It is a 50$ dollar prize. He knows I don’t have any tricks when it comes to this area. So rather than find some way to cheat or buy this Magic Rank from the Alexa gods I am going to try to do it the old fashion way………. Work for it.

So today when looking for ways to cheat the alexa rank….. LOL I found I have not updated this blog in a long time and again I want to do this the right way.

I have added the Alexa toolbar - Do I think its going to help? not much. but its fun to use.

While surfing word press. I commented on 3 sites that I found Interesting out of 50. I’m not spamming the boards but looking in the right places for other traffic exchanges to comment on and I sent an email to one of them hoping to work together.


Realizing that I am the worlds worst Social net worker. I have a plan to tell every one that will still listen to me about the challenge set by my self and the Other guy.

( on a totally related Note Kevin is going down like a Kick Stand)

Step 4

While trying to increase my alexa rank I got totally side tracked and started doing the thing I should have from day one. So weather or not I win ( I will) I think I learned a valuable lesson today.

Don’t try to cheat Alexa and do some good old fashion work. Your site will thank you and the traffic exchange industry needs more honest people like me. (lol)

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