Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Its About stinking time

Ok let me elaborate just a bit, Auto Surf site have been kind of quiet in the last few years.

And now I say "Its about stinking time" that an auto surf site went one 1:1 but they do it with no upgrades.

I’m talking about Hartzheim

This is an auto surf that knows what surfers want. I have seen some surf sites with 5+ upgrades and some with 2 or so but never have I seen NONE.

I think this Auto Surf traffic exchange knows something that we all forgot. Its All About traffic.

But as they are getting ready to launch on the 15 of November. I have learned that Auto Surf is alive and well.

This site is completely being promoted in Auto Surf with a few Manual sites sprinkled in.

But here is the amazing part 2 sites are standing out and both are auto and manual hybrid sites ablaze and alone wolf both have over 10 referrals. I Know auto surf is alive and well in auto sites are the top Dogs in a referral contest.

Autosurf is alive and well it just needed a Big Kick in the Ass. I believe Hartzheim will do just that.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents

James D

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