Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ablazewithtraffic hits 1,000,000 in one week

Aug 26, 2009 – In true fashion there giving away 1 million credits this September to mark there huge achievement.
One million (1,000,000) hits in one week
One million hits is tough to do! How tough, here is the math if you refreshed once every second it would take you 1,000,000 seconds or 16666.67 minuets or 277.77 hours or 23.14 days that’s a long time to hit a button.

Ablaze with traffic owner James Dias wanted to thank all of the active surfers. He has set the rewards much higher you can win up to a 1,000 credits all month long. And random bonuses will be sent out.
If you want your website to get 1,000,000 hits go see and Join and surf today is the parent site to a top site for renters and rentals serving the San Francisco Bay Area. There network keeps growing. Ablaze for A Cure is there way to give back to help provide hope and fight cancer in all forms.

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