Monday, August 10, 2009

This weekend was a big huge success
Thank You active surfers and welcome new members.
We delivered over half a million credits on Saturday and Sunday.

Aug 19, 2009 is the 4 year mark when my mother left us to cancer (she was 45)
so we will not be doing much for admin on the 19th but any support you are willing to give my family and I will be appreciated.

On august 20, Ablaze For A Cure is going to be Helping Fight Breast Cancer and promoting prevention, information and more on Facebook. Join And Support us we want to get to 1000 members by September and remember 50% of all money spent here on is sent to fight cancer of all types.

Top recruiters to ablaze for a cure win prizes but if you’re an member you could win 25,000 auto credits if you beat me in members recruited to Ablaze For a Cure I have 41 right now!

We are trying to get the Ablazewithtraffic name out there so referrals still pay more than ever.

Thank you all so much Ablazewithtraffic is more fun then ever for me. And If you need me e-mail me.

If you have an idea or want to work closer to e-mail me at or

Thank you all for the help support and Surfing you are hands down the best.

James Dias
follow us on twitter @ablazetraffic

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