Thursday, September 17, 2009

10 great tips to get your website seen!

Let me start by saying any one who says they know the secrets to getting your website seen by every one is a scam artist.

With that said here is 5 tips your going to love.
and you can make your website stronger

#1 like what you do, love what your doing,

This one is about you. For example I like learning ways to gain traffic and don’t like health food. So why would I build a site for health food. The answer is I don’t and will not. But I try to learn something new every day when it comes to website traffic. So my sites and blogs and tweets and social networks all paint the same picture. I am not an expert but I know if I talk about health food on my site I loose why people are there.

#2 Like food web content is better fresh

Content is king use the first tip to build a daily routine to deliver you follower the freshest content with new ideas or a concept. This week I have watched Kanye West Keywords go all over the place if you were a gossip website and you were not first on this topic you missed the boat and the same goes for your field again if you a movie critic and you watched a great movie and copied some one else review your not going to be seen. Be original be spicy and be you ( the expert in that field see #3)

#3 Itch the Niche

You are using tip #1 And #2 your going to find yourself a niche market. This is a good thing this usually means you have become an expert in you area of the field your displaying on your site. The more people that lean on you for info the more visitors you will have. People visiting your site is like a popularity vote and when the view a second page its like a good review. The internet sees this as your not full of BS and reward you with rank PR and visitors. This is where you will start to see $ you can then offer space for sale on your site that is related to your niche and will have a higher earning potential.
(Remember you the professor in your NICHE so learn every day)

#4 learn the terms that are important to a basic website.

PR - do a Google or yahoo search and find out what Page rank is Links to - again Google and yahoo are a great place to start. Back links -reciprocating links -one way links -SEO -SEM -Keywords -meta tags -Site maps -

#5 toys and stuff

Do you have :
Video, pictures, polls, forums, memberships, newsletters, banners, a logo, slogan, if not build them, buy them, but do not steal them FRESH remember

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