Wednesday, September 30, 2009

World wide Web success tip #1

Set your personal website or twitter or facebook ect. As your home page.

The quest for more traffic is right in front of you your own home Computer. This will give you at least one person visiting your site every day. And you will not be giving free traffic to other sites like Comcast who raise the price every week cause they have more and more people visiting there site by default everyday.

click on the tools tab then at the Internet options
there is a little window that looks like this --------->

now change the Blue part to your website or social network page.

Don’t give websites that charge you to use them and charge you to advertise on them more people to view ads and run up there rank (COMCAST AOL) and others places like Google and Yahoo are better but your own stuff is best.

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  1. So Obvious, So Simple, So Brilliant. Why didn't I think of it. Definitely something I will do,and recommend to my Friends.

  2. this was a tip and i liked it thanks for the comments