Friday, October 2, 2009

Auto surfing VS Manual surfing is one better

Auto surfing VS Manual surfing is one better

This is a question I have been asking for a long time. I have researched in depth for years. here is the pros and cons of both. while this is not perfect you just might see more benefit than you did before.

While manual surf carries a higher eyes on factor meaning more people see your site there is a lot to be said for the cost. I know its free right not at all.

Take you hourly rate at your Job lets use 10 dollars per hour now cut that in half that is your free time rate so 5 dollars per hour.
5 dollars per hour = free time wages
now how long do you manual surf? 1 or 2 hours a day? More?
Lets take 2 hours per day you spend manual surfing
so that’s 2 hours X $5 dollars for free time
That’s $10 dollars a day for manual surfing. Yes, if you surf 5 or 6 manual surfs at the same time you will get more for your 10 dollars but then your not looking at the ads at all.

Now lets take auto surfing
you turn it on and most of the time walk away you might take a peek now and then to see if it is still going
and you auto surf for 4 hours a day
you spent 0 dollars for 4 hours and saw 10 or so sites.
The first real conclusion is if you are going to sign up for an
auto surf only site - bad idea
manual surf only site - bad idea

The smart money is on an exchange that gives you both

earn all the auto credits you can then trade some of the auto credits for manual ones it will cost you a few credits but you still have your money remember auto surfing cost ($0)

Build a catchy, involved splash page. Splash pages are great for one major thing, getting people interested.
Splash pages work great in both auto and manual surfs and it will not clog up the home page of your site.
The only people that will click thru are the people that want what your offering.

Is manual better than Auto surfing? NO
Is auto surfing better than Manual? NO
Is it best to do both OH YES
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