Saturday, January 22, 2011

abandoned traffic exchanges ( what a waste)

Some updates Around the net today (Saturday January 22, 2011)

I was a member of SURFTRAFFICEXCHANGE.COM and went to the traffic exchange today to notice that the site is gone.

It makes me wonder how a site with an rank of 39,500 the owner either forgot and or didn’t want to renew the url for another year. was a site has had odds in it’s favor to grow and be seen. With a great ranking and a solid members base. Imagine if this site went to the ad OneSource script for there traffic exchange.

I learn form Surf traffic exchange a very valuable lesson. Make sure the site you want to be your business is funded and monitored so that you don’t loose it.

If some one is looking to get out of the traffic exchange business and are ready to just walk away stop! If you think about it you could place your traffic exchange for sale and make a few dollars rather that throwing away all that valuable time and effort.

So the question What happened to surf traffic exchange .com well I would say a webmaster that didn’t have a solid plan In place

Another example of this is Nick west the former owner just let the site go. If people keep doing this across the net it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy that the traffic exchange industry is a bad neighborhood. The truth is it is really not

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents

James D

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  1. The traffic exchange industry is SO competitive because there are so many TEs out there. A couple of years ago, I had compiled an alphabetical list of all the TEs I could find on the net. I did this from surfing all the TEs I was a member of, reading TE owner blogs, etc. Just to give you an idea...from A thru M alone, I had OVER 500 TEs! I had over 1200 easy. And like I said, that was a couple of years ago. Some obviously are gone now, but I would say that number is still close. Now try to "stick out like a sore thumb", as they say, amongst all those TEs. Unless you have the time and the money to make your TE unique and professional looking, AND to continuously and consistently advertise it, you're just going to get lost in the shuffle. These 2 TEs you mentioned...I have NEVER seen them in the other TEs I surfed. Unless there's some compelling reason to continue surfing at a particular TE (getting results from my ads first off, but also promos, pleasant surfing environment, etc), the membership is going to falter and eventually die. This industry is a revolving door because folks have this notion that owning and running a TE is "easy" and it's a way to generate a mailing list...they find out that it's NOT so easy!!

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