Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ablaze Back to Basics volume 1

The best way I have found to work on my websites it to look at it like a customer.

First try to find it in a search engine using a term you would want to find your site under ( you may be a lot of pages to search so be patient.)

Next and once you have found your site take a look at the site. Did you find what you clicked thru to see? Is the message the same as the keyword you were looking for? If you answered no then it might be time to work on a little SEO.

Traffic exchanges are a lot like any other industry they have a healthy amount of competitors and there is a lot of larger sites out there that have a dominating hold on a keyword you want. Am I going to beat easyhits4u in the keyword manual surf? Well probably not. But there is some that they don’t use that I might. This part of the homework needed to be successful. A couple of free cool sites I use is:

Google keyword tracker
SEO Tools

So take the sites that you think are a competitor and see what they are doing don’t copy but write down what you seen and learn their strengths and their weaknesses. This will net you find keywords that they left on the shelf. And thus optimizing your site with a powerful words.

Always ask yourself this “is what I am doing make sense?” if the answer is yes then move forward and keep in your mind you are going to take a larger piece of your competitors market by optimizing in ways they are not.

Have fun with this and try to take a page or two every week to optimize. In a few short months you will be done and starting to see the real organic traffic results.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents

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