Friday, July 2, 2010

Can I get traffic exchange traffic and have Google AdSense?

So many People ask the Same question Can I get traffic exchange traffic and have Google AdSense

The Answer May Surprise you. YES but only if it is done right. #1 don’t send your AdSense Embedded to a traffic exchange.

Step One Build a Splash Page, ok let me rephrase that Build the most Amazing Splash Page Of all time. And host it on a website completely separate form you AdSense Site. Your Goal Is to get the User to Love the Splash Page and Click through to your Money making Site.

The Funny part is this will take you thousands of visitors to make a few cents. But the traffic exchanges your using most will pay you more than a couple of dollars to get referrals. I personally earn more money than I ever did with ad sense.

I loved AdSense I made a $100 dollar check ever month and a half or more but with a traffic exchange or two I do that in two to three weeks.

I don’t want to convert you at all. Keep making Google money and you can reap the couple of dollars here and there. Its fun to do in your spare time. And if you make a few dollars from it than in vest it in a site that will make you more money. You cant afford the 32 million dollar home with Google AdSense but if you keep building and learning and reinvesting anything is possible.

IS Google paying you enough do the Math Take your Hourly rate at your “J.O.B.” lets use 10 Per Hour as an easy number this means your free time is worth $5 dollars an Hour is Google paying you 5 dollars per hour NO! what do you mean no then you might want to look to other ways to add Money to that POT.
Now its not a website its an ad site and people will run.

Go back to the basics spend One hour per day developing your website and making it more fun for the people visiting it. Then more visitors will come and then your money is starting to come naturally. This is hard for people to understand it takes work to make a few dollars online. Some times more than offline due to the Super high level of competing sites on line as opposed to the real world where geographic limitations are real. You are not going to drive 2,000 miles to get your oil changed for a dollar but on line 2,000 miles is just a click away.

Keep it Simple and smart if you think it is a grey area for AdSense then Use a splash page and stay on Google’s good side. But if you want to make more find your own advertisers for your site you build. You can always ad Your AdSense account info later if you don’t land a big fish this month.

Have Fun And Try New Things

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