Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Do You Surf Traffic Exchanges?

I have asked myself this question for the last 2 years (ever since I bought Ablaze With Traffic). The answer I keep returning to can be broke down to 3 parts.

Part #1 Exposure -

There are hundreds of thousands of surfers out there. Tens of thousands are Surfing Right now and you can display your message to them with no monetary cost to you. I know Time cost money but I mean not using cash. If done right you can deliver your message in the form of Image, text , and video to thousands each day.

There is a second side to the exposure side of the coin. You will see how others are working to get seen. There ads there ideas there marketing efforts. I learn something from my members everyday. They are working day in and day out to show there ads to us. And it shows.

Part #2 Dollars and Sense-

I have heard “time is money” all my life and if you have more time than money than Traffic exchanges are just right for you. I have bought ads with places Like Google and Yahoo and found I was wasting my both time and money because I didn’t do any research before I added money to a campaign that was due to flop. Understanding who you are delivering to you message to is every bit as important as what your message is. Testing how a banner ad converts with a traffic exchange is smart use of extra time when you find out how that banner can be changed to perform better gives you a better performing marketing tool that you may be paying to deliver latter. Just think of it this way if you have a chance to test out 2 or 3 ads and one performs way better in traffic exchanges, you would probably use that one in a paid marketing world like googles system.

Part #3 Building Blocks

As may Marketers Online today will tell you. Build your list and Brand yourself. I not going to tell you to sell your self in traffic exchanges 10 seconds or so at a time. But people will see your picture and you logo over and over and over on many different traffic exchanges this is Branding OR Top of the mind advertising you know what the Pepsi logo looks like right? that’s it Brand you and you business. And traffic exchanges are Perfect for it burn the logo image in peoples heads this is Branding. Now if your seen enough they may want more information or maybe the have seen something you have done and they want to follow you. Ask them to Join your newsletter, or your face book profile, or on twitter. That is building a LIST and yes it is kind of easy. you just need to stick with it.

Don’t worry not too many people have over night success there is no map just basic ideas on how to do it and do it well.

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