Monday, July 26, 2010

The Ten Traffic Exchange Commandments


Manual, auto, hover, PTC, Etc. You wouldn’t dump all your money into bank stock would you?
To diversify is the only way to go. There is hover surfs out there that can be every bit as big as some of the top manual traffic exchange sites and same goes for autosurfs. Its just knowing how to leverage each one. Saying no to one kind of surf is like telling hundreds of potential customers to go away we dont like you. There are some traffic exchanges out there that do this.


No one knows how to do it all. Some are great splash page makers. Some are great at emailing. Others are great at building credits up in traffic exchanges. Even the people giving classes and talking about the traffic exchange industry learn everyday. No one knows it all. And the best of the best will always say they ARE learning every day.


Large traffic exchanges are great for getting lots of hits and lots of unique hits, we all know this. But small Traffic exchanges are Great for getting new members and signups. Sign up for them all, and see what works best for you.


If you woke up this morning and said “I’m going to be number one” well that’s half of it. You talked about it. Now what’s your PLAN to become #1, and #1 in what? My goal is to have one new member surf my site everyday, and like it enough to use it weekly.


I may be a little off base but, when you email someone you need to have something to offer them. I hope it is great information or some extra credits or maybe a new site they haven’t seen yet, but offer them something.

Please don’t send me a email saying you don’t have anything this time see you next time. that’s is a waste of everyone’s time


Make a list of chores you want to get done today. Then work on them one at a time, allow some time for all of them. If you don’t have enough time to finish one or more, give them time tomorrow and work on it every day till its done. That idea you had you liked enough to try out. Don’t give up on any idea ever. It’s the one you give up on that your competitors bring to market first and makes some good money off of.


Its time to walk down the isle of bliss and good times and bad when planning on being a traffic exchange owner make sure you know there is a lot of work to keep your marriage happy and know there will be ups and downs and money maybe tight at times, so budget. Its not a hard one, your traffic exchange will stay loyal to you if you spend some time everyday with it.


Members of your traffic exchange are going to help you more than the fellow traffic exchange owner trading accounts with you. Your members buy things from you and all they ask in return is that you listen to their complaints. They make your traffic exchange better. Members make the traffic exchange go around without them you have a website not an exchange.

#9 B & B

Build your brand, your image, and your list. Why do you have e-mail, Skype, Facebook, Blogger, Myspace, and Youtube if your not going to use it. B & B can mean Build and Brand or Build and Break. As long as your doing something you are ahead of the curve.


This should have been #1 If you don’t have: new members, time, or the drive. Sell it trade But don’t let it die. Too many webmasters in the business just walk away. WHY???? when a member comes back after a few months or a year to find the traffic exchange they likes and spent money with is close up and gone that turns them off all together. As a legitimate Traffic Exchange Owner you need to hold you self to a higher standard to help make the Image of traffic exchange shine don’t tarnish it by walking away.

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