Monday, August 23, 2010

Connect The Dots

If your business is based in part or in whole to a website. The goal is to correctly and legitimately connect with other people in your field.

We call this connecting the dots also known as link building. Why is link building so important?

The answer is so simple.
Links connect you to the masses, much like roads connect a business.
If your business in on a dirt road in the middle of no-where-ville your probably not going to get too many shoppers. The same holds true to when your getting your brand on the internet remember we called this the (Information super highway) for a long time. But if there is no exits and roads leading to your website people will just pass you by.

The business that succeed online start with a good infrastructure. One exit from the super high way is not nearly enough. But is better than no exits at all.

Make a plan and don’t cheat at all no matter how tempting it may be. Google, bing and others are like free ways on the internet. Imagine having 5,000,000 roads leading to your little shop could you sell a few products by default? The answer is yes!!

So how can you make 5,000,000 roads lead to your website? Connect the dots and build one road at a time. Find forums or Blogs Just like yours. And read the blog you may just learn something. Then post a comment to it with your website as a link to your name (most Blogs Allow this) you just created one road to you Website.

Alot of people see ads for a company selling links. Search engines see this as bad neighborhoods AKA "the ghetto" so why would you place you business in the in the bad areas of town or on the internet? The answer is you wouldn’t.

so to be safe here is a solid suggestion. Find larger more powerful sites that are like yours and build a road from it to your business. If people like what you do, then they will also add roads to you site.

James At Ablaze

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