Monday, August 30, 2010

We Did It!! Over 500,000 hits to members pages in one day

We Did It!! Over 500,000 hits to members pages in one day

Total hits to member pages 8/30/2010 502,790

I cant tell you how happy I am but lets just say I am stoked

I always knew ablaze had the potential to be a large traffic exchange.

When I bought this traffic exchange a little over 2 years ago it was Small and the php script that it was on was worthless the more I tried to push the site the more it slowed down. Then I was told if I upgraded to traffic DX then it would all be good.

That was no wear close to the truth In fact I was crashing every other day.

Then I spoke with a programer His name Rich Parker from Varisearch.

I spoke with him and didn’t want to spend no more money after shelling out almost 500 for the first 2 scripts.

Rich made Only One promise to me he said if I need more room to grow he will make sure I have the room.

In March 2010 changed over to Rich Parkers system with less than 3500 Life time members since 2004 and almost 120 active members per month.

Now 5 months later ablaze has 11889 all time members and 130 are active daily.
And the reason for this huge change is learning and having the right system in place.
VS- trex gives me that system and it is so customizable. Ablaze don’t look much like a Rich Parker script but trust me it is and I am proud to be a part of it.

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