Monday, August 30, 2010

Traffic Exchange Internet Marketing 101 or 2.0 or something like that.

Real traffic to your website is this a myth? I don’t think so. But if you follow everyone’s advice out there you head will spin off and then what are you going to do?

Some Manual Traffic exchange marketing “gurus” tell us to build your list and brand yourself.

Some Massive Auto Surf Traffic exchanges tell you to build a down line.

Splash Pages, Squeeze Pages, e-mail, banners, Text ads. Man this just too much to think about.

But is it …..

Lets break it down from top to bottom.

You Have a website and Time you sell or give away something so you have the basics.

Your website needs to have:
looks, functionality, content, and a purpose This is one of the hardest things to do and seems to be a never ending task but in reality this first step is the most important.

Marketing materials:

3 or 4 banners
With many different sizes. And looks and messages this will help you to test what works better. Delete the lowest performing banner and build a new one then follow the results of that one.

3-4 text ads
Again change the message each time to test them. The one with the higher click through ratio is a keeper.
Delete the lowest performing Text ad and build a new one then follow the results of that one.

3-4 splash pages
This is a simple designed page that plants the seeds and grabs interest. Splash pages are also great to use for adsence campaigns. Make sure your designs stand out there is nothing wrong with basic but you want to leave an impression. Delete the lowest performing splash and build a new one. then follow the results of that one.

1-2+ new links
Every day you need to ad at least one new link you your website from a website like yours If it’s a traffic exchange the find a traffic exchange that will link to your site.

Build your down line
Every day you need to have a goal of earning one more referral to your top systems. This not only takes off some of your workload but it also builds up your top systems you do use and in most traffic exchanges you will receive benefits from your referrals surfing in the form of credits.

If you follow this advice I can asure you you will have built:
3-4 very high converting Banners
3-4 very high converting Text Ads
3-4 very high converting Splash Pages
365+ links to your website
365 referrals in your down line.

If you have done this you website is so much more powerfull and is starting to recive pagerank and alexa rank not to mention it is starting to receive a steady stream of visitors every minuet of the day.

Happy surfing,

James D

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