Monday, December 20, 2010

Free Traffic Exchange Software advice

I just read an older blog post buy a fellow traffic exchange owner. Ironically on topic as we Just launched our traffic exchange software today.

Let me give you some back ground real fast.

In October 2004 launched on a PHP script. Very basic with very basic functions much like a free script would be. And the site slowed a lot as I tried to grow the membership. Till a point when it would take me up to 3 to 5 minuets to log in.

so my web host ( also a sales person for Traffic DX) talked me in to upgrading to DX

And the site got faster immediately but for a couple of months. Now keep in mind that I was trying to grow the websites membership and surfers. To make a long story very short

I moved to VS-TrEx and changed hosting at the same time. And here is the reasons I did.

#1 took my hard earned money for the server space I used then Asked me to pay for half of the upgraded memory for the server $200.00 was half.

#2 I submitted a support ticket to traffic DX in 2008 that still to this day has yet to be answered.

#3 I was being told that if I didn’t slow down how much room I was using that the host was going to hold me liable for the server if it caught fire???

I left Traffic DX and web traffic promotions with my almost 3500 members in march of 2010 and had 20 to 25 people surfing.

Since being on the new Traffic exchange Software Ablaze With Traffic is now over 13,000 members all time and hit’s the 100 people surfing mark from time to time.

Ablaze Is the #1 trex site and has only been here for 10 months and I have yet to be told that I am running warm on the server.

But the story cant stop there. At this time I am very excited to anounce that has launched its Own Software site called it is the first launched TrEx resale site and now gives Me the power to show people. There is a better way. is managed By James Dias from Ablaze with traffic and all sites are Installed by Rich Parker, the creator and developer of the TrEx script but with a Kick.

We help launch and maintain growth of every traffic exchange under the ADOneSource Name. with advertising and building our own downlines in the ad OneSource network.

If your ready for a Real Upgrade talk to us any time I am available on
Skype: Ablazewithtraffic almost all the time.

Or just email me admin at

Don’t get caught with no support. Like I did.

Here is a banner I built that other owners of the script loved

And that is My Traffic exchange 2 cents!

James Dias


  1. Keep in mind friends that you will get what you pay for using "free traffic exchange software" the support the updates the script. will be what you pay for ( that's nothing)

    spend a little and get somthing that can grow,

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