Monday, December 6, 2010

Variable Surf is being released early to all TrEx sites

We are releasing Xsurf to everyone of the traffic exchange owners of a trex script or ad OneSource.

Norm Duffy and James Dias along with the amazing Rich Parker built a new way to manual surf. Launched by James and Norm just a couple months back the demand is overwhelming.

Much like manual surfing you still need to click to go to the next site But that’s where it pretty much ends.

See the concept is called variable surf meaning you need a variable or two inside the surf one is the countdown timer and the second is the credits earned. You don’t have to stay on the site any longer than a standard manual surf. You can click on to the next site if the one you are on does not hold your interest.

But if you like it you will not be penalized if you stay on the site longer In fact you will earn more up to the MAX ( again this to can change from traffic exchange to traffic exchange.)

so go ahead try out the new surfs and show off your site this is going to keep changing the way you surf.

To take it for a test drive at Ablaze Click here

What started with 2 is now 22+ sites will use and enjoy the brand new Variable Surf concept on their sites.

This is big since this is the biggest improvement to Manual surfing since it was invented. But there is more to come from the system of ad and VS-trex.

This again would not have been possible with out norm Duffy and My self brain storming what the traffic exchange industry is missing and than having a genius Like Mr. Rich Parker to make out plan become a reality and to make it work too.

Thank you Rich Parker and Norm Duffy

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Join TrEx Today and mention Xsurf when your getting your site installed so that you can be awarded 1,000,000 ablaze with traffic credits.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents

James Dias

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