Friday, December 31, 2010

how do I get more hits and more traffic to my site with less work?

From time to time I get asked a very important question

that question: how do I get more hits and more traffic to my site with less work?

Oh man that is an easy answer but it takes some good old fashioned work to achieve good results.

Build your down line ( I told you the answer is easy)

but the work involved is a little more than just dropping in a link to a traffic exchange or a safe list people need to know it works.

A good High converting downline builder is worth its weight in gold if used and used often. Think of this you have A site that will carry your referral links in it but it it self will help you convert more than just one page. The goal of a good downline builder is to make a single place to obtain multiple referrals to multiple programs

I am going to give you the gold nugget that I use to promote my top traffic exchanges. its called
Grow Downline

there is 11 sites pre loaded in this system that have an amazing conversion rate almost all the site pay a commission. which is always good for adding the extra income stream. But more than that there is thousands of active members surfing every day (Yes thousands)

Some of the sites have over 200 people surfing right now! And there is 11 of them.

So do yourself a favor promote one link and get 11 referrals at a time to quality sites

Check them out right here Grow Downline

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents !

James Dias
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