Thursday, June 23, 2011

Im Mindless ... But not when surfing

I am not a mindless surfer

I have read Blog post from both Tim Linden

and Jon Olson

While I will never agree 100% with the 2 of them I agree on this point.

Mindless surfing happens by some

and Interactive surfing is also happining daily too.

But like any form of advertising there is going to be mindless views but interactive surfers.

I loved Tims point to the TV commercial analogy. Some commercials do grab my attention and others I mindlessly stare at the screen.

I am mindlessly following leaders in the industry to post on a topic I feel passionately about.
LOL I sure am LOL

If your page is weak or has noting that grabs my attention I will mindlessly look at your page

If you page is like 100 other page I will mindlessly view it.

If your page grabs my attention I will Not only view it with attention But I will most likely Join too.

So today’s lesson is mindless surfing happening Yes
Is it the advertisers responsibility to change that YEP
Can a traffic exchange Help OH YES! Testing testing and testing

And that’s My traffic exchange 2 cents

James Dias

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