Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stop thinking outside the BOX!

Stop thinking outside the box

yes I said,     "Stop thinking outside the BOX." Its worthless

Oh man! Am I tired of this worn out cliché. Its Sick and a drain on everything good in feedback.

Why is when something is original they say “Now that’s thinking out side of the box”

Or when its Not enough they say again “Try to think more out side of the box”

Seriously this is what we have chalked up to success thinking outside the box is boring and mundane. Everyone and there dog and brother is doing it.

And when did we start rewarding people for stealing Ideas. Is thinking outside the box?

Im so amazed that with all the resources and technology people still thinks its cool to take something with out ever building it for themselves.

I, like many other webmasters think it is time to think more about your business. And be more creative with your business.

So I say stop thinking outside of the box and start just thinking. Be creative, Be original and Be Amazing its not hard Just be yourself.

And that is my (out of the box traffic) exchange 2 cents

James Dias


  1. Sorry James but if people had to think for themselves then a lot of the guru exchanges would be dead. There is no thinking required for the members and the guru's have no original ideas. It is a shame that some webmasters think up some great things and others steal them (don't even bother to thank you) and use them like they came up with it.

    There are a lot of low down owners that have not had a original thought since they were kids and they just take from others and keep brainwashing others into thinking they did it.

    Keep it original and don't worry about those that steal it -- you and your members know who had IT first.

  2. Paul - You rock! and what you said makes me feel more like working harder.

    So Back in the lab Cooking up something thats going to rock IT