Monday, June 20, 2011

Lets Just Call It An Addiction

Hi My Name is James Dias and i’m a traffic exchange-aholic.

I wake up in the morning thinking how can I rock The traffic exchange industry.

I go to sleep at night thinking the same thing.

Something in me tells me I’m going to hit that hot button. Or I built it just right. But its that quest that keeps me going.

It’s a passion that is tough to describe. I love the business and some times I get a little frustrated but I have been marketing both online and off since 2001 I have worked for some pretty cool places and learned a lot.

But the one thing that I love the most about The Traffic Exchange industry. Is the people that are surfing with me at IT and other owners and people that are just plain good at TE marketing.

I’m not trying to get all sentimental on whoever reads this. BUT…. I will say thank you to every one that is helping me and working with me and surfing Traffic Exchanges with me

Ok I’m done…… with this post!

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents!

James Dias


  1. Great Post James Love the new Logo. You have to love the Traffic Exchange industry. Its a great way to not only get your sites seen but also make some absolutely wonderful friends along the way.

  2. Too Right Hilbert- this business is growing for people who want it it will continue to grow.

    By the way The site looks great Hilbert you just kicked it in to over drive didn't you LOL