Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cant we all Just get along......


The short answer is No! and here is a few reasons Why we cant.

Why because we all have opinions and ideas that we believe in. Not a bad thing.

Some people are tired traffic exchange ONLY.

Some People Don’t Like Social Hit Exchange.
If you hate social close that bad old face book account or twitter or you tube or insert 100 other names here

Claiming to Be #1
Seriously in what catergory? what are you #1 in?

Names Disputes
Ok How many something buX sites can there possibly be?

Copying Ideas
Ok Bad topic for some and fun for others. But this is a hot button Try this talk to the person who has something similar to what you do and Talk to them some time the war can be avoided by talking.

Slander OR speaking ill of others
It is so easy to write a venomous e-mail or a facebook post . But why? Is this your business model? Is it profitable to cut out a % of your business because you are so mad at the world.

I have complaints about others from time to time but I not going to rip them a new one.

Which leads me to the probably the #1 reason why we cant get along


Ethics this one I am not going to comment on too much because I think we all could question out own ethics a little everyday to ensure we are doing the best we can and keeping a high standard.

And that’s my traffic exchange 2 cents

James Dias


  1. I love your answer to your own question. The best part of this whole post is you touch on subjects people talk about but not always publicly. I look forward to your next post.

  2. There's a personality tendency of some people to turn everything into an us vs them argument, instead of weighing pros and cons of a situation they instantly decide that they can't coexist, are competition, and one is bad while the other is good... it's sad because it breaks down what could be a positive discussions or good feedback into an argument, but that's the way it is.. I've seen it for years, wish people could get beyond their ego sometimes but that doesn't seem to be happening, lol

  3. Watch out Mr. Dias. You may get some of IT 'borrowed' if you aren't careful. lol

  4. James asked me to come comment on Mr. Bell's reply. As long as he stays out of my programs I have nothing to say about him.

  5. Matthew - Thank you I am trying to talk about things people are nervous to. In this business we need to think about what we are doing everyday and govern ourselves accordingly.

    John B - I think my post was pretty straight forward I don’t think pros and cons play in to any items aside from the first two.

    Jon Olson - LOL I always watch my back. Im not big in this industry but there is always something.

    Justin - lol call me out why don’t you . ROFL very well put man, I can understand the irritation factor.

  6. I wasn't referring to your post, James, just my opinion on why we can't all just get along. Don't worry, I'm not 'borrowing' anyone's ideas.. it's called market research, when my members want features, I add them... sorry if that offends anyone, oh wait, no I'm not..