Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How do I Love TE?

How do I Love TE. let me count the ways......

Lets get real Traffic Exchanges work. Where are you going to find a huge amount of traffic to your website that will work with amazing effectiveness and has no or little monetary cost associated with it.

The Hit Exchange World is On fire right Now!

With new owners dropping there hat in the ring. Im not talking about some fly by night sites Im talking about Owners that are going to be around for years and years to come.

There is more advancements in the traffic exchange industry in the last 6 months than there has been in the last 6 years.

People are breathing new life in to the traffic exchange industry opening Blogs and getting social and getting back to the forums too.

Were talking about Traffic exchange summits and offline meetings.

That’s right folks the traffic exchange hit exchange and social exchanges are growing.

But its also time to get smart about then too

If some lonely TE owner wants to spread Hate in all there e-mails it might be time to move on!

If a TE owner cant answer a support ticket its probably time to move on!

And If a TE owner closes your account cause A mail provider they don’t like ( Comcast) its time to move on!

If a TE is being talked about and you see the page in rotation its TIME TO JOIN!

And that’s just my traffic exchange 2 cents!

James Dias


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  1. Amen amen amen! Love it man, great post and I completely agree. The TE industry is buzzing and I think it's been the best 12 months we have seen yet....

    Looking forward to the next few years for sure!