Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time to beat a dead Horse BIG time

Don’t run ……..   Just give it a second.

The topic is splash pages, If you received my email you will know this is an extension of the email.
Splash pages are one of the least expensive ways to powerfully generate attention to your page.

My goal is to show you why a splash page will dominate the results look at the 2 pages below and ask your self which one grabs your attention.

I don’t build the best splash page ( trust me I know this) but when I build my own it is me that is promoting the site. Not some one else. Its through my eyes and not the owners.

All I ask is that you try a splash page today. Take an affiliate link you would normally use and build a splash page for it and try it for 60 days at any site or a bunch of sites. But run it.

There is a lot of sites that will help you build splash pages Google splash page design or head over to
Ad Kreator or If you have Photoshop or a paint program try that! But do something!

And test your results have fun and its ok to splash in a traffic exchange pool

and that is my traffic exchange 2 cents

James Dias

I got the Idea From Jon olson's book   ( No! Im not original LOL)


  1. Ha ha ha Love it man, but the message is SO important. Thank you for beating the horse!!!

  2. Nice post. It's something everyone should be doing but aren't. Keep throwing out these great tips.

  3. Jon thank you man the book was an eye opener.

    I feel like I hit 4 years of TE training in 2 years Im fired UP NOW!

    Matthew Rock on! Little bro you are part of the reason i do this everyday.

  4. TE don't work. Nobody signs up on my affiliate page....WHA WHA WHA......How about a little creativity? a little work? and give it more than 10 credits? TE's are alive, maybe the surfers are smarter than the advertisers....maybe ???

    Thanks for the post IT man.

  5. Drew WOW well said. thank you again well said