Monday, April 4, 2011

Changes in TE Nation

As you all may have seen there is a social change in the Traffic Exchange industry.

Social is here to stay we all know this and while giants are created (face book twitter) There is still huge opportunities to grow this area of your business.

Social is personal branding marketing and list building all rolled in to one package.

But how do you get there from here. Ironically go play on facebook and twitter and update often with something good something fresh and well something strong. Make Jokes and be your self you don’t always have to promote 247. Connect to others & do something………….

Let people know you have something to say then say IT. Drop a bad video now and again to bomb from time to time teaches you more than having a success every time.

Member profile of the week IS this is a person that is getting IT...........

But this is just my traffic exchange 2 cents!

James D

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