Friday, April 29, 2011

What is a traffic exchange? it sounds easy

What is a traffic exchange?

This seems to still be a question every one thinks they can answer but in fact is Kinda just a guess.

Is a traffic exchange clicking an ad every X seconds. Or is it engaging with some one and asking them to click an ad?

The word exchange is the powerful one here basically, quid pro quo (Yes I got this from silence of the lambs ) meaning This for that.
Yes you see the ad but did you stop and look at it did you sign up dud you do any thing other than click to the next site? Why?

A traffic exchange with out the exchange part is just traffic. You and I have got to be active. As you read this some one saw your ad what did they do? Why? Ask questions and don’t forget the quid pro quo

So ask everyone to read and share this post, Exchange ideas, exchange testimonials, exchange social network info, exchange anything ......

Just put back the exchange in traffic exchange and the surfing will grow too!

IT puts the lotion on the Skin or else IT gets the hose again ( sorry I couldn’t help it )

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents

James Dias


  1. I love that your picking at the idea of no one really exchanges anything on these Traffic "Exchanges". It's about time someone sees that it's not all about mindless clicking. It's about seeing and taking action when you see an ad that really catches your attention, getting to know other marketers, as well as branding yourself at the same time.

    I love the Silence of the Lambs references. Thank you James for the post looking forward to the next one.

  2. Hi James, I am surfing IT right now and wanted to stop to say hello and that IT 24/7 rocks!!!
    Saw ya earlier at AF Conference today.
    Have a good one!...:)

  3. Matthew thanks ma! Are IT brother!

    Dan thanks man I built it to help and the people that use IT it's only going to get better we have some solid new toys in the pipeline