Friday, April 8, 2011

We are Social Surf the new way!

I read a blog today ….

In this blog a webmaster (traffic exchange owner ) is right and so very wrong at the same time. The question was “are you surfing for results or for fun.”

The answer should be both!
If you want to get honest. I am not going to surf a site with all text and not one single image. While the visual aspect of a site can be debated as fun. I can tell you I think an all text site would be boring beyond belief.

but that’s not the case is it? Traffic exchanges have prize page with graphics and games the whole point of this is to make it more fun…. Right?

Chat in surf is an idea I wanted to play with but decided to go a different direction not for any other reason than I didn’t want to follow what any one else was doing.

So I built a members profile page and attached it to their sites. This is an extension of there marketing and there brand. IT’s all about them. Here is a snapshot of what a strong marketing plan looks like. I call it IT

look at our surf and see how you can deliver your message and your brand to new people better than ever before.
so now you see the “Social Surf” has evolved for the better because IT is all about you.

So I return the challenge to webmasters of traffic only sites to shut off their prize pages or convert to all test and see how far you get with out having fun. IT is new and getting better results than I had every dreamed of.

Or embrace positive change and build your list, brand yourself, build your downlines, and connect your network.

But that’s just my traffic exchange 2 cents!

James Dias
IT is social surfing and IT is getting big!


  1. Hi James.

    As I've commented on other blogs, I for one embrace both arguments but there is no denying the social aspect of marketing is crucial these days and a very positive thing.

    Savvy people like you are taking traffic exchanges to another level and keeping up with the times and we as members benefit greatly.

    At the same time, those who still run successful exchanges without going all out with the social platform is fine with me as long as I get the results I am looking for.

    IT is definitely a force to be reckoned with and I look forward to it's continued growth as well as my increased participation.


  2. Thank You Jimmy

    We didn’t Hype the system up and do a pre launch we want people to see for themselves that IT is different

    The fact that you believe in IT makes it all worth IT. IT is all about you man!