Friday, April 1, 2011

Social Surf in the Traffic Exchange Industry

Social Traffic exchanges are carving a niche in the industry. The idea of a social exchange is not new by any stretch of the imagination in face some social has been around for a while.
I not going to kiss anyone’s rear here. I will say some of the larger exchanges have had members connecting in some ways for years. But all of them are missing some elements and features. To make them social people need to connect in many different ways.

What is social ? well basically it’s a communication or a companionship

What is networking ? The cultivation of productive relationships.

So this means basically that social networking is a cultivation of communication between productive people.

Ok now that we are all on the same page we need to connect with like minded people to grow ideas partnerships and advance ourselves and challenge our own brain Power.

This business can get a little boring if all you hear and see is the same things over and over again. With no real change all the NEW sites still look and act the same. This can be good and bad for the business because people get stuck using the same systems

We have social profile pages that are not some run of the mill pages. The pages are geared to the member. Members can build a very professional page to promote themselves there list and there much the same way an online business card should work just a lot more interactive. But more than that we bring to you an new powerful way to social surf.

Take a look at my profile page to start

Understand my referral link to my recommended programs are there. Its all about me!

Then look at  it’s a searchable directory of people so you could find people like me if you clicked the key word “social”
and if that’s not enough there is a whole searchable brand able surf inside.

I build my downlines, My social networks, My list, My personal brand, and traffic to the website of my choice.

My new social traffic builder allows you to join with one click right here from facebook  

Or you can do it the old fashioned way

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