Saturday, April 16, 2011

WAR what is it good for........

The traffic exchange business is hot right now!

Understand that I say this because of all the doom and gloom TE owners out there.

The reason its not working is 90% of all traffic exchanges that I see are not fluid. What is fluid?

The ability to change with out restriction ( I know its not the real definition) but it makes a solid point.
I am building splash pages today and keep thinking what will stand out? What will drive interest to my exchange over my competitor.

Understand I love this business, it’s done pretty well for me over the last couple years. But lazy TE owners are a pain in my side.

I don’t get everything right, but I’m fluid, and when people say nothing about a page I know its time to change it. Or if they love a page it’s a good idea to keep it for a bit.

Or if you ban a site and a members have placed multiple contact request to have the site removed from a ban list because of what a site was 3 years ago. Thanks for answering your members XXXXX my money and surfing will go some where else now! Or another that hid the contact for off the site LOL .

But again I don’t get every thing right, one thing I do know is good traffic is never out of style. And having good members is a must. And answering support tickets and making the exchange evolve.

I am not going to start a fight or call any one out …..Today…… But trust in me I will digress to the point I tear a couple large traffic exchanges apart.

Oh and if you pick on other webmasters and you know who you are….. There is a small new Traffic exchange that is just looking to take the gloves off. When it comes to this business I love it and if you have such a hard time then get out now.

That’s all for the rant today And …

That is my traffic exchange 2 cents.

James Dias

PS Did I mention I love the traffic exchange industry ( I do) JD

Are traffic exchange feuds good business or just a cry for help?

Please let me know what you think. This seems to be a new trend or marketing plan.


  1. WOW -- let me start there. There is so much I want to say but I feel that if I do I will fire the first shot.

    So my 2 cents and playing nice in your sandbox at the same time. Traffic Exchange owners believe that the sites are about them, they lose sight that the members are the Traffic Exchange and they are the reasons the lights are on and people are coming in to surf. Without the surfers, it is just a piece of real estate taking up space and making someone feel like they are something.

    One other thing I would like to add -- to TE owners -- if you add a date to your site that you are going to be out of town, etc. Make sure you update it when you get back. If you have been in prelaunch for over a year don't you think it would be wise to take down the date? Look at your sites like potential customers look at it and would you buy there, if not then change it....

    Thanks James for taking up the front line and always know that there are a lot of us standing behind you. Speak you peace and watch other walls crumble.

  2. Thanks Paul You said it well I guess the time has come for everyone to clean up there own backyard before they go knocking on there neighbors door....

  3. Agreed. And well said.

    Most everybody's got a back yard, and a front door. Most everybody has neighbors. And there are a whole lot of knockers (no pun) out there I would surmise.

    But pw, would we be wrong in assuming that such sites necessarily have product for sale? Or that we fully understand what that product and corresponding price might be if indeed that were the case? Might we be overlooking what lies just beneath the crinkled wrapper? (no pun intended,Lol). Surfaces and surface value I think, can be very deceptive. And you're right - it's not about them. It never was. But. But - Hey, everybody's gotta feel like something don't they? And the lights stay on when the "exchange" stays fresh enough to bring in those who power the grid.If that wasn't the case, nobody would even begin to give a shit. So, everyone wins, right? Right. So thank me for this maybe. Bait me if you will, but don't take me for half the idiot you may have previously figured.

    JD,The ideas we have of Fluidity may not always be so accurate either. These kind of things can change form, mediums, and adapt quicker than I think we care to realize. Hell, life itself is more static (no pun), than fluid I would say. And things followed in progression will not always go to fluidity but may often change with the wind, go forward, backward, visit and revisit. Fickle. Such things are life itself. To try and "order" or fix these things with an outcome intended to change minds would only be folly. And stupid on top of that. Minds made up are rarely changed by external force it seems.

    And much restriction is not always of our own making is it?

    As for things past that span 3 or further years back - Who gives a shit? We eat he said/she said, must a been type a shit for breakfast. And then shit it out in the form of most times uninformed opinion. And that gets left at the doorstep. Most times just before the knock.

    So. What is it good for? Are traffic exchange feuds good business or a cry for help? A cry for help at times, sure. No doubt. And as far as traffic exchange feuds being good business - Good for who? I guess it depends on the "type of currency exchanged" and the value or outcome of the exchange. If only each individual could be content with a "balance" in exchange. So, partly in other words - Who fuckin knows? Lol.

    Sometimes regardless of the things that have come to pass. Regardless of how hard you might have tried to make your case. And regardless of how truthful and honest you really were about it, whether or not that gained you friends or favor - dickhead about it or not - all that shit just ceases to really matter.

    Albert Einstein observed, " The significant problems that we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them ".

    So, it's simple now. No me with the first shot. No you with the first shot. I bow out. I'll say again. I bow out. And let the shots continue to ring out on one side and the mocking laughter continue....

    There are much more important things. But let me leave out with this. Notes from a file on my computer from a year ago or so. Let this sink in...


    I'll tuck this one into the lose-win folder. Theres always a lesson to be had.

    And, oh. This could go both ways depending on how you wanna take it.

    Hate the lesson. Not the teacher.


  4. And James, I've known you for a long time. You're a good guy. Wouldn't tell anybody any different. We all used to be things and sometimes are things that we can't always be proud of. But I say that just may possibly make us more alike. Hell, I used to be a complete jerk-off. Some would argue that not much has changed. Please, don't mistake things that have been said in "story"line as placing of any particular blame, no matter the sound. There are many things in which I share or have the blame rightfully. And I wouldn't try to tell you any different about it.

    So good luck with your business. You seem to be doing well. Glad for you. Tell the fam I said hey. Take it easy and don't be a stranger.