Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How do you say thanks ?

How do you say thanks ?

In a recent post of one of the big names in the traffic exchange business ( Jon Olson). I saw something happen.

Sure Jon’s post was cool and you can read it here HEN but it was the thank you that grabbed my attention. A simple thank you can make business seem more personal and that is pretty neat

Craig in his blog post paid homage in a very professional way He thanks people and that to me just grabbed me.

So I want to return the favor for what I learned today and Say thank you to craig and ask every one who reads this blog post to follow this link to the guy that taught me the value of thank you and the Inventor of Son- of- a- pitch Ignatowitz Marketing I am also going to plug it at facebook and tweet it too. SOCIAL!
sorry this post is a little out there but……

That’s just my traffic exchange 2 cents

and thank you for reading it.

James D

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