Thursday, June 30, 2011

Social Surf Stinks and Does Not Work!

Social Surf Stinks and Does Not Work!

Yes ! I hear that all the time. And I’m floored every time I read that in a tweet or a wall post.

Come on really!!!!    There are traffic exchange Owners that “poo poo‘s” social surfing but are tweeting there blog post !

Wow I love it!!!!   Living breathing hypocrite, Your trying to gain Social people to your traffic exchange.  LOL wow !

I don’t know if I made this point clear enough. Is social a fad? Sure it is.  It’s a long lasting fad I guess. I think Patrick Griffins blog post was good I love the analogy of the Black and white TV seriously!!!    Who still owns a working black and white TV?

The internet is evolving every hour. And to turn your back on the same social technology your using to try to gain a new member is Priceless.

So to all the Hypocrites out there preaching that social surfing Stinks make sure your not connecting with any one on twitter and facebook cause social don’t work. Remember?

Think of Social in a new Light. If I didn’t catch someones attention for my splash or squeeze page, But they liked me on facebook. I have a second chance at connecting with them.

And that is why social works.  Oh yeah ! Social Works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents.

James Dias


If that’s Not enough. I am going to bring a new toy to all the traffic exchanges across the net.

 Im in the final stages of it coming to Life. No hype!  ........ Ok im lying......... I want to hype it only cause its not done. Jon Olson Im answering the call to bring something new to the TE world. No clues to what IT is but should be ready or close to ready for Monday.

Fingers Crossed



  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha AMEN! If I say 'I told them so' I'll be a prick so....I'll just AGREE with your post!

  2. I guess I just don't understand this range war :) Wars where there are no wars, but guess I am just too old. lol! Guess negativity does sell. Kind of sad really.


    Tony Tezak

  3. Nobody I know of is against being social on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums, Skype, etc etc. After all, they are designed to be social. "Social" is not just "social surfing"....they're different things.

    Anyway, I agree with Tony...let's just let everybody do what works for them and stop the "us vs. them" war. Life's too short. :)