Monday, May 16, 2011

Back to the basics or back to school?

Today’s voice of reason comes from the amazing drive for ourselves to learn.

I registered at my local community collage today that’s right 32 years old and on my way back to school.

I took the first step I talked about it. The second step was to take action I did by registering.

So now the third step is to find classes that meet what I need, I’m looking for graphic design and some CSS but more than that I want to network with people like me and learn from them.

don’t get me wrong I’m available in Skype for people who share my interest. In fact I challenge other traffic exchange owners to connect with me. And I want to add that personal element where we can bounce ideas.

We all talk about connections. So why collage well I didn’t do it the first time. I love the traffic exchange industry and I want to add more to it and my goal is to bring more powerful people to the business.

An I going to be rich and famous from doing this NO probably not !

Am I going to add something and improve upon an existing idea YEP!

I want my daughter and brother ( the kids) to be proud of me. I think that’s the single most important factor for me.

So this weeks challenge is to get out of you comfort zone and do something to bring IT to the traffic exchange industry

And That is My traffic exchange 2 cents.

James Dias
Bring IT!


  1. Hey admin i found 6 week courses think all online if u like

  2. Well done James, it take a brave person to go back to school. Hope you find what your looking for.

    All The Very Best
    Terri Ana Scott
    Ablaze ID 3647

  3. great idea and may learning come easy to you and may you kick all those youngsters graphic designers in the behind! your kids will be proud but not as proud as you will be from this experience!

  4. Wow thank you all for the support LOL this is cool.

    I know that this industry is very strong and I want to add to it

    Again thank you Donnette, Terri and Anonymous

  5. its spelled COLLEGE