Wednesday, May 25, 2011

HUMP DAY Blog post

Well its Wednesday here in my world. And I have finally gotten over my block. A lot of it is just scheduling what I need to do and I have also noticed when I get an early start I also seem to be more productive.
But enough about me

Lets talk about traffic exchanges and the fact we are Joining and reviewing them.

There is 3 major points we are hitting

Home page
is it strong simple detailed or templated. And yes we are reading them SPELLING never counts when it comes to me as I cant spell to save my LIFE.

Second is the members area

All im looking for inside is there stuff to do? is it cool ?

And last is SURF

This to me is the most important as this is where I am other members spend the most time is surfing.
This is also there the over all grade can go up or down big time.

I did a couple so far and will be adding new ones all the time. ( And keep in mind this is just an opinion of a fellow surfer and a traffic exchange owner) I’m not a guru or one of the big guys.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents

James Dias

To see how the first 4 have done here is the links to them
Super traffic Highway

Splash Page Surfer 
Fast cash and traffic

Free Traffic Lotto  
Want a review for your traffic exchange let us KNOW

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