Friday, May 6, 2011

Don’t read this… If you LOVE Sp@m

I thought it was super funny when I opened my mail box this morning and saw over a 100 emails from other traffic exchanges talking about Super surf this, and down line that, and cash here to do this.

I started laughing at a few of them cause when I read the email its all just the same crap.

Some exchanges have it to where the send me 2 of the same exact emails back to back. Like I’m not smart enough to see it in the first place.

Or when I deleted the first one it suddenly dawned on me “ holy spam batman! I should have read that one  WOW I am  super lucky this traffic exchange sent me two of them”

I hope you feel the sarcasm in that.
Cause we need to have humor in this business and the more I watch the more of the same I see. Imagine for a second every time you get in the car the same song is on. ( On every channel) but there is still county and rap and metal versions of the same song.

But I am done digressing for now cause

I have a surprise for everyone Monday Fingers Crossed the finishing touches of what I belive will be an addicting surfing past time. We are calling this fun new toy “Grab IT” and grab it is going to well you decide to learn more about grab it follow this link……..

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents.

James Dias


  1. LOL You feel my pain then LOL

  2. It's even more than that. I get emails from several TE's (stupidly) joined for a surf contest. Not only do the sites look identical,their emails are as well. I have to double check to see which site sent the email to me.

  3. Hi James,

    Well I don't know about you but I hate getting more than 1 email from a site a day unless it is something pertinent. That just really irritates me and wants me to leave the site because I get enough email as it is...I do not need seconds and thirds of it.

    Thanks for the rant!


  4. Jon Yes i do I feel it and am not loving it

    Craig LOL Man this is silly I just dont get it is this the maximum of the creativity

    Marilyn ROck on One is totaly enough

  5. I love getting TE emails :) Love the TE world - no matter how owners decide to run their TE. As I always say -more then one way to skin a cat. No way is perfect. Nor would i call any owner or what they do as 'stupid', but that is just my friendly nature. :) Seems to be lots of anger out there for some reason now a days.

  6. Tony thanks for the comment
    I know your inbox has got to be full with alot of the same thing. I just want something more when I open an email. Tt could just be me

    Thanks again Tony

  7. As a admin and owner -- it is at times just as painful to write the emails that clog the inbox as it is to read them. Some owners used canned emails that are the same thing day after day and no changes, and then others use such crafty and entertaining thoughts that I look forward to them. (Some of the owners have to drink before they get rolling, I swear, but when they do -- wow entertainment at the best in my inbox.)
    It seems that there are those dud emails from exchanges that push, push and push some more on you over and over and that is why my spam is full each morning.
    Emails have a legit reason for being -- but until we find the exact number the members are willing to read -- it is a game of horseshoes and some of us are closer then others.
    So keep reading those important ones and those that you know contain something important and interesting, and the rest they created a delete button for them.... LOL....

  8. James I know what you mean and I have been trying not to send them myself and just have people go to the blog. I started to get a few members asking why I did that so I actually put a poll on the blog to let the members decide. I am waiting till I get everyone's opinion before I decide fully which way to go but until then I am limiting emails and keeping to the blog.

  9. Paul well said ( loke the drinking te admim Note the Smiley face :)

    Hilbert I saw that I cant wait to read about your findings. ASKING question = active members

  10. James, that post rocked. I agree with Tony, no need to call anyone stupid. Have you also noticed something else? Most of TE owners if asked will tell their members to write unique content for their mailings, but when something new launches they just send the ready made message from inside the affiliate toolbox.