Wednesday, May 25, 2011



so today I was looking through my Inbox and noticed a ton of e-mails from Lords of Traffic

and It kind of bothered me that this is deemed acceptable by the admin.

This is business I now but I have over 30 messages in 13 days and The list is just too long.

I love traffic exchanges but this is just too stinking much

I am A person not just a number, not just a user, and not just a mail hub for your spam

please treat me like you want to be treated and DON’T SPAM ME

***Update Im now officially blocked from the server! LOL NICE

I guess this means that I cant unsubscribe now! LOL

NOW! Im off to wreck something else

And that’s My Traffic exchange 2 cents

James Dias


  1. Some folks just dont get it do they. I dropped these guys a few months ago just for this reason

  2. I'm not a Lords of Traffic Member, and I don't like getting one or more emails a day from an exchange.


    "Spam" is unsolicited commercial bulk email.

    If you gave them permission to contact you -- and you probably did when you ticked off their Terms of Service box -- it ain't spam.

  3. Agreed Hilbert

    when you get flooded with too many e-amils and cant unsubcribe its now spam LOL

  4. If you look at the list -- none of them are important and none of them account for anything that would make you want to click and take a look.

    It is just another exchange using the exchange as a personal email to get you to upgrade. They think they are Lords of the Traffic world and once again they are nothing more than bottom feeders trying to use it for their advantage and not the members.

  5. Anonymous SO True this style of marketing hurts traffic exchanges as a group

  6. If you sign up to a list and they send you things not asked for at signup its still spam.

  7. I don't see this as being spam, *technically*

    But, it is still on all accounts wrong.

    My inbox has been laden with messages from that particular group of traffic exchanges, lately.

    Good post!

    - Jared

  8. That would drive me nuts, I thought I was pushing it when I send 3 emails in a week, lol..

    At least they are emails related to the TE and not advertising the next big clickbank product like a lot of the emails I get from owners using their membership site as a list..

  9. Tim - thank you! that is just over doing it just a bit. I have never recived 3+ emails a day from startxchange telling me im not doing something...

    Jared -What ever the name its crazy and that is just 13 days from One exchange LOL I GET IT Im out of credits - missing signups and not getting hits LOL JUSTIN AND JON and Qzon also have told me this too

    Insidmal - Its a short drive for me most of the time LOL Like my mother said long ago "Im only going to tell you once"

  10. Nice post James I personally use one account for traffic exchanges and do the old mass delete and hardly ever open them.Most TE's send out way too much garbage mail.