Friday, May 6, 2011

"Grab IT" The new Surf Game from IT (going Live Monday)

“Grab IT”
Is a new toy we bring to surfing!
Think of it as Tag but in reverse. When your IT every one is hunting your profile down.

Not just your profile, but others too as multiple members can be IT at the same time so when you see the I’M IT Tag Grab IT

And just by grabbing IT, you will be rewarded 0.50 tokens. ( aka credit) but there is MORE…..
Top three for the week get a little cash prize based how many times they are IT during the week.
We will have a page set up for that monday.

Oh yeah! IT is stepping up it’s game and adding a fun time with a twist on surfing.

Why did we do it?
Because you the members have spoken and told traffic exchange owners to make surfing more fun, and more rewarding

Well We are doing IT!

James Dias

This works for all members of IT this Monday its going to get a little more fun to surf IT.

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