Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We have a Huge update this week

We are asking for your help we want to add new sites to the downline builder what we want is your sites or better yet the sites you want to see and the ones you use. This week we added Tezak Power surf.

This is where you get a referral in your downline but more than just a referral an active referral (ITS ME!)

We do surf and promote and some times upgrade so send us your referral Link and IT member id and we will join.
Skype me! With the INFO.

pretty simple huh!

The next part is we have added 3 new Social Networks But the 3 we added are geared to Traffic Exchanges and internet marketing Please welcome Imloop, Krave, and Imfaceplate all you need to do is add your user id info in the social box Imloop is in beta but should grow very quickly once Austin adds the finishing touches.

Now I am proud to bring you A game so addicting and so scandalous that we reward member for stealing!

That’s Right! Grab IT is here Look for the I’m IT Badge  next to members profile picture to grab it just click on the badge and its yours. The more you find the better as they are worth 0.50 tokens each time.

But there is always more……………………

A couple badges are out there collect them all if you can and keep collecting them as the top 3 “Grab IT Gurus” will be rewarded with cash. This cash prize will increase and decrease with surfing we are starting out with 1 dollar and this will increase with every time we break a surfing records.

This is a weekly prize for cash and you earn a half token every time you Grab IT
See the ranking here

IT just got better!

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents.

James Dias

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